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Kawaii Kanae Launched! ♥

Ever since I set up my beauty blog Sugar Reviews, I’ve been itching to set up a personal blog to post my random thoughts, views and happy moments to share with the world. I’ve always wondered ‘How can someone benefit from posting random things about their personal life for the world to see? And who would even care to read them?’ I guess that’s something experienced fellow bloggers would be able to answer easily; but there is something satisfying about the idea of having your own personal space where you can rant and rave, where people can read it as it is, experience your life even though they don’t know you, and say ‘Yes, I’ve felt like that too.’

It’s the same as Facebook where your status and photos, are liked and commented on by people you forgot you even had in your friends list or that you only met once at that party 2 years ago; or when you post a problem on a forum for people’s advice because for some reason asking a bunch of internet strangers is a better idea than telling your friends because they won’t judge you. Maybe that’s why people do it? I don’t know – you’re faced with judgement wherever you go so there’s no winning side. With technology came this daily urge to do show and tell to the world, everyone feels the need to tell everyone else what they’re doing at this moment in time.

I wanted to make a blog because I want to be able to remember; I want something to look back on, to upload photos, to express my passion for make-up, beauty and fashion alongside Sugar Reviews. I want to make friends and also to bitch about things that no one else would want to listen to, and to share secret enjoyments that my friends would roll their eyes at.

All in all, I’ve finally landed a job (even if it is temporary) that is going to provide me with a wage where I can explore my passions and curiosities a little more! I want to learn as much as I can, I want to try as much as I can; it’s time I started living my life the way I want to and time I started experimenting with my passions. My Blog. My Life. My Rules. Go!!

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