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Latest buys and being used as a cat bed

So I posted earlier about ball dresses for my partner’s university ball and whilst I was busy searching for one of the dresses I had posted a picture of (was so hard to find it, should’ve saved it in my wish list really), I realised that time had really flown whilst dad was running around preparing the house for his dinner party guests due to arrive at 18:30. So I ended up kicking myself out and going up the road to my brother’s where we watched Lilo and Stitch 2: Stich has a glitch, and Leroy and Stitch. Still not as good as the first one, and the entire time his girlfriend’s cat was using me as a bed and claw cushion. Here’s a pic:
ImageHer name’s Sootie and she’s the nicest cat ever (apparently she doesn’t know how to use her claws or nuzzle properly) despite being so loud and heavy footed; she also has the most unique meow I’ve ever heard. We blew catnip bubbles at her beforehand and fed her lots of Dreamies so hopefully she loves me now; although as soon as Yanni (brother’s, girlfriend’s sister) came home she leapt right off and sat directly in front of her licking her lips. Whore of a cat, used me just coz no one else was around!!

Anyway I came home to be reminded of my lush new bedding that was delivered today ♥♥♥:
ImageAnd how much of a princess I feel sleeping in it. It’s so soft and silky and pretty, I feel like such a girl; why do I like pink suddenly? Anyway time to sleep, nun-night world!!

2 thoughts on “Latest buys and being used as a cat bed

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