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University Summer Ball dress inspiration – What to do???

My partner’s University Summer Ball is coming up on June 13th and I have no dress!! I have been to quite a few of his formal events but this time I really want to make an effort with the whole ball/prom thing because it is his last one and I don’t know if I’ll ever get to go to another one of these events where I get to dress up so much!!

I found some pictures on the internet as inspiration for something that I would like to wear both style and colour-wise but I still can’t find anything, and all the prettiest dresses are online and I don’t know if I will fit into a size 6 or 8 and can’t try it on and it is already so close!! So far I like these >>>
ImageImageI really like this one ^^^; I think with a poofy petticoat it would look very pretty!! ♥
ImageImageSooo pretty and sparkley!! I found a really nice one in Newlook but the picture comes out so tiny on here.
ImageImageI don’t want a long dress but I absolutely love the skirt, look at all the layers!! *Swish, swish, swish*
ImageImageI really like the colour yellow too; usually I got for black but this time I wanted to go with something more colourful and summery to go with the theme of ‘Summer Ball’. But I absolutely love the combination of pale yellow and pink, it looks so cute and summery like the picture below; this gave me the inspiration to go with this colour theme!!
ImageGod check out her legs, I hate her!! But her dress is so lush, I wish I could find a dress like this!! So I was thinking of a yellow prom dress with a baby pink belt, it would be so cute 🙂

I guess I have a lot more searching to do but this is my inspiration and my hair is blonde so yellow and pink will look alright on me I think. I’ll post up my final choice but I gotta find it first!

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