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I love weekends!! – Spoiled myself silly [long]

I had a lush weekend and it’s so sucky that they always have to end so quickly! Before I know it, I’m back at work, sat at my desk wishing the time to fly by so that I can get home. Luckily today went pretty fast so instead of moping about work, I’m going to talk about why I had an awesome weekend!!

On Friday I went to the city where my partner lives; always a good thing to see him as I don’t get to see him during the week, but I had promised him a meal out as he has recently handed in his dissertation and found himself a job, and I wanted to congratulate him on his fast coming success. I gave my partner the task of deciding where we should eat, as always he didn’t bother so it was down to me; I decided we should eat at this Indian restaurant about 5 minutes away from his flat called ‘Indian Ocean’. It’s a small place but the people are super friendly and the food is delicious; we went there once with 2 other friends and I wanted to go back, so really I was super happy to choose as I had been thinking about this place all week.

We got given our menus and our popadoms with dipping sauces to eat whilst we waited for our meal as the wait is usually 20-30 minutes; I don’t really like popadoms (super fussy eater here), so my partner scoffed the entire lot by himself before his meal (piggy).
ImageThe prices are reasonable too!! My partner ordered something that he couldn’t pronounce, and that I can’t remember, with vegetable pilau rice, and I ordered a Chicken Tikka Bhuna with normal pilau rice (coz I’m boring like that even though it’s sooo yummy) with onion barges on the side for him.
ImageHis is on the left and mine is on the right; super yummy!! We had a massive party of like 30 students going on next to us, getting drunk and having a great time; a place like this you’d think would be expensive for continuous rounds of drinks but in this place, provided you order a drink from them first, you can bring your own alcohol!!! Despite being deafened several times by ‘So-and-so is the Captain of our ship’, the atmosphere added to the great evening and food. Eventually it was time to pay and I was determined for once to pay for my partner’s meal as he ALWAYS pays for me wherever we go but my card kept getting declined!!! So he was all like ‘I’ll pay and you can pay me back’ but it was so frustrating; luckily his card got declined too, turns out it was their machine so I braved wind and rain to get to the cash machine so that I could pay.

On Saturday I woke my partner up early as I wanted to go shopping; I wanted to go on the Bank Holiday Monday but he had been travelling all weekend and didn’t want to. I was determined to get some spring clothes, especially some floral jeans; since becoming a girly girl again, I can’t stop thinking about lovely pastel clothing in pinks, lilacs and greens and determined to stop wearing black, grey and white!! We headed into town and looked around (well I looked around – bless him) as I was also looking for a ball dress, stopped into H&M and tried some things on which went horribly wrong as I had to go back to the changing room with a bigger size DX. I’m hoping H&M sizes are just small as I haven’t tried their sizes before; anyway below is my spring haul and I absolutely LOVE the My Little Pony tee – so Kawaii!!! (That is Gusty and Princess Sparkle btw).
ImageNude shorts – H&M = £7.99 (now frekkin £2.99 on the website)
My Little Pony tee – H&M = £9.99
Neon pastel orange Skater skirt (not shown) – H&M = £7.99
Floral high waist shorts – Primark = £10.00
Floral skinny jeans – Primark = £13.00
Lace Beige/Apricot handbag (actually ordered from eBay beforehand) – eBay = £13.99

Eventually we stopped for food and after 40 minutes of me grumping because I didn’t know what I wanted to eat (and the only thing that I did want, he didn’t), we went to a food court; I bought myself a small Cornish pasty and a bottle of Galaxy milkshake (it was my scoffing day), and he bought a little box of chinese food from a new stall called ‘Chopsticks’. Check out the old skool anime!!!
ImageAfter all the shopping was done, we went to Weatherspoons to chill out; we drank light beers and shared chips whilst he revised and I played on iphone games. We were there for like 3 hours, no idea how we were there for so long because it didn’t feel it.
ImageSo shattered when we got home, I napped most of the evening before sleeping and we stayed in bed for a good long while.
Image Piccy of me after I just woke up that I posted on Instagram; thank God for filters otherwise I’d scare you all! Then on Sunday we went to a Costa and had our traditional Sunday hot chocolate!!
ImageMy lover in the background there..
ImageYummy dipping stick, he’s always spoiling me ♥

Finally it was time for me to go home; I bumped into my brother and sister in-law to-be on the train home and we spent the duration of the train journey making some random guy laugh at how fat I’ve got. Unfortunately I came home to one of my flower babies dying 😦
ImageHe will grow again soon though I’m sure; the other two flowers are doing just fine.

Anyway that concludes my weekend; I really enjoyed it and it has been a really long time since I had an eventful weekend rather than waking up and doing nothing. Had to make the most of the city’s shops since my partner will be returning home soon permanently as he finishes university!! Sorry this blog is so long, just wanted to get it all out! If you want to follow me on Instagram just search for Kawaii_Kanae!! Bye for now!

2 thoughts on “I love weekends!! – Spoiled myself silly [long]

  1. Hello! I would like to know if maybe u sell the Pony blouse, or do u know where can I find it.

    I will apreciate your answer

    Thank u (and excuse my english)

    Have a nice day 😉

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