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My week has been boring – this is what happens when you work full time!!

So, I haven’t had a very interesting week; I have just been working and my partner is revising for his last exams so I am at home for the weekend, but it is also my dad’s birthday tomorrow and we are hoping to throw him a surprise party if all goes well. Hopefully he doesn’t get too grumpy, we’re all to pretend to be too busy for his birthday to spend time with him, so he goes to his girlfriend’s house up the road to pick her up so they can ‘go to lunch’, instead of cooking, and BAM!! We’re all there and SURPRISE!! I’m sure I will write about that tomorrow and how that went.

As for the week I have been pretty obsessed with this game that I downloaded on my iPhone; My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!
ImageI’ve been playing it non-stop, it’s really addictive and with my current pink obsession it has really brought out the child in me. I really used to like My Little Pony when I was younger, though not obsessed with it like some children might’ve been; a blogger mentioned they had been playing this so I decided to give it a go as my current games are just puzzles and I wanted something with continuity. It’s so bledy addictive, I was playing this whenever I had a moment to look at my iPhone, even if it was to just collect my profits. I did some research on My Little Pony characters and I had no idea how many there were; to be honest I am not a big fan of the new ones and how they look. They look too…sharp and stupid, especially in the cartoon, but look a lot cuter in the game. I really want to get the Build-A-Bear Pinkie Pie because she is sooo pink and cute looking! They also do a Rainbow Dash one but I think Pinkie looks better; again, this must be due to my sudden pink obsession.
ImageCuuuute!!! No?? So yeah I really want one and she is only £19.00 so I think I am going to treat myself next time I visit my partner as he has a big one up there. I’ve also been researching toys that I used to have as a kid, so I’ll probably write a post of all the old toys to see if anyone else remembers them!!

The weather here in the UK has been mental for the past week; one morning I stepped out fully equiped for rain – coat, wellies, umbrella. By the time it was time to go home, the weather was like this:
ImageOmg, so annoying!!! I looked like a right idiot and I was super hot walking home. Gawd, boring week. Nothing else to talk about I’m afraid my dear diary; guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings…

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