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Happy Birthday to my wonderful Daddy!! Xx

I mentioned in my last post that it was my dad’s birthday the next day and that we were throwing him a surprise party!! Today was the day and so much effort went into it on all parts; I had to wake up early to get to my brother’s house where the party was being held by 08:30 so that I was out of the house by the time my dad and his partner got back from my nan’s, where they had stayed as they went out to a Eurovision party last night. I had lied to my dad and told him that my partner was coming back last night and that I was going to his but would be coming back early afternoon on Sunday to see him but would not be eating as would be eating roast there (1. I’m out of the house and 2. Dad wouldn’t have to cook for me as I would be eating a roast at my partner’s house). When they got home, his partner faked sick so she could go home to ‘sleep’ but there was a bit of an issue there as he insisted on walking her home then when she managed to put him off he said he would come over to her house to see my brother and his fiance (my brother lives with my dad’s partner as his fiance is her daughter – God so confusing I know); she had to quickly text her daughter so that they would come up to see him so he stayed away from the house! *Phew*

Anyway, she came back and immediately started fretting/cooking/defrosting/preparing/baking for dad’s buffet whilst everyone else cleaned and tidied up. After much preperation, my auntie, nan and cousins showed up shortly followed by my pregnant sister and her partner; my dad’s friends had already shown up and time was ticking until his partner was due to text him to say she was awake from sleeping. When he eventually came over, I could tell by his laugh that he had already sussed it so he was far more embarrassed than surprised; the giveaway was that my sister NEVER misses his birthday, so when she did he was very suspiscious as to why no one was available.

The whole day was really fun; lots to scoff, punch, beer and chocolate cake, which is always a bonus, and I had saved my scoffing day for today. My dad had an Iron Man cake; I say had because when my brother was bringing that and a flan back to our house, some stupid jogger did not watch where he was going and ran straight into him; he could only save one cake, and so saved the cake with the glass plate under it. So freggin annoying, REALLY pissed me off; it’s like some joggers have no respect for pedestrians like we’ve got to be the ones to move. You’re the one running you move, you wouldn’t like us to walk into you – AK ASSHOLE!!

Apart from that (still fuming over the cake thing), we took family group photos (one was ruined by my sister’s lovely partner pinching my leg just as it got taken and nearly had me kicking my brother in the face lol) and we actually ended up laughing so much that most of us girls were crying because of some of the faces that were being pulled; someone accidently took a video instead of a photo and my brother was pulling the same stupid face for like 30 seconds lol.

Overall the day was great; I love spending time with my family, especially my cousins and my sister who I don’t get to see daily. My sister showed me her 4D scans of the baby and I even got kicked a few times!!! Can’t wait to be an auntie; probably will have lots of posts on the little one when he/she arrives!!!

Let’s end this post abruptly with a camwhore shot of me; follow me on Kawaii_Kanae on Instagram!!!

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