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Shopping is no longer fun for me :(

So I mentioned in an earlier post that me and my siblings made a guy laugh on the train at me being fat; this was because I went shopping and realised that I had gone up a size or so in shorts. About a year ago I could barely fit into a size 6 pair of shorts and I was so happy when I tried on a pair of shorts and they fit; I no longer had to worry about shopping!! I was always unhappy and nervous about shopping because I could barely fit into adult clothes, now I’d do anything to be able to fit in kid’s clothes again!! Turns out I’m a size 10 in shorts (although a size 8 from Primark), it’s like I hit 21 and I blew up and gained my mum’s large hips and bottom!! I’m still a size 6/8 on top like I always have been but the bottom half of me is a lot wider than I wish it to be… Since then I have been more aware of my large bottom and so exercise and dieting has been put in the middle of the tablet for me to trim my weight and tone up. I took healthy eating to the extreme and ended up eating so much fruit that I put weight on (that made me happy) but too much now that I have to lose it (which I am unhappy about). I am seriously concerned with whether or not I’ll look good in a bikini; I asked my friend what size she was and she told me 6, I wanted to bite her!! I know this is my fault for getting bigger, so I am concentrating on a better lifestyle. This is what I ate today:
ImageYummy chopped strawberries and bananas covered in yogurt and honey. Mmmm… and maybe a spoonful of honey afterwards too…
ImageFor dinner; Sundried tomato and garlic couscous with broccoli and chicken. Think I made too much couscous though as I didn’t realise the packet said that it serves 2 and it is quite filling.

I think my poor partner is getting tired of hearing me talk about my weight, but I am pretty self-conscious right now so I guess I will just have to be patient, keep the bad stuff out of my diet and carry on exercising!!

In other news I have been watching Once Upon A Time on tv; I tend to watch this while I exercise to keep my mind off of the time. One of the newest characters that has been introduced is Captain Hook!! It’s so fun watching this show and guessing new characters to see who they are going to end up being:
d4YOuSexiest Captain Hook I ever did see!!! Puurrrrrrrrrrrrr… Must be the earring and eyeliner, so dangerous looking!!! Guess I best get on with my exercising and watching the next episode of OUAT!! Shame Hook got a little tied up, I don’t think we will be seeing much of him in the next episode… 😦

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