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Hot chocolate and Hating the News. (16+)

I forgot how much I luuuuuuuuuuuurve hot chocolate!! It’s warm, chocolatey, soothes a sweet tooth, satisfying, and it helps any girly pains you may have; plus only 40 calories per mug! Not TOO bad lol. How have I forgotten this yummy drink??? I had a pot of Options hot chocolate powder hiding in my drawer at work; instead of spending £2.50 on a cafe hot chocolate, I can make as many of my own as I like!! I love the chocolatey smell it gives off, how can you not smile when you smell it?? It’s been super cold today because the UK decided to trick everyone into thinking the weather was lush and warm with clear blue skies and strong sunshine but nope; FREEZING COLD AND WINDY AS HELL. It also decided to rain halfway through which removed all of the warmth and humidity from the air; so I enjoyed a nice cup of cocoa before I braved the weather in my inappropriate clothing to walk home…
ImageIn other news, I camwhored this morning and pulled off this pretty picture; I look so much like my best friend here, pouting, it’s unbelievable!!
ImageI never pout, and I also puffed out my cheeks here a bit which is why they look extra chubby. I liked this pic so much that I saved it as my iPhone wallpaper, and I don’t care!!! I know that seems incredibly vain of me but it’s my phone so meh lol. Also, I’m hardly ever vain so I think I can get away with doing this! 😀
ImageMany others seemed to like it on my Instagram since I got like, 12 likes straight away. I love iPhone app filters!! Make you look soo pretty and the iPhone camera doesn’t show my flaws so much so I can get away with looking pretty all the time! Yay ♥

Now for the hating part; argued with my partner because I apparently was stroppy and had an attitude with him when I asked him to explain something that happened on the news yesterday. I don’t read the news or have friends who really do that I am subscribed to on Facebook, so it’s not surprising that I only knew a vague idea of what was going on. So we argued over that because he made me feel stupid, like I only care about unimportant things like beauty, my blog, *ehem* my life. Of course I care about what happens in the world, but the way I see it, why constantly remind yourself of the bad things in the world by hounding the news all the time?? As long as you care in your heart and you’re sympathetic, concerned and hurt at the right times with regards to world events, why should you constantly know all the terrible things that are happening in the world??? I know there are starving people in Africa, and women and child trafficing, and even though my heart goes out to them what can I do?? You can only give so much but in the end it is still happening, and so is so many other things you can’t stop; so I just can’t understand why someone would want to be depressed by it instead of living their life and be happy. I know that seems horrible because we should care but why should you let it get you down all the time?? It’s not the same as saying ‘you can’t do anything so why worry?’ but it runs a similar path. Is it horrible that I want to just enjoy my life and think about the things that make me happy??? You can’t live both lives, and I think that as long as you do care and you show you care, then there is nothing wrong with still living your life to the fullest in a way that makes you happy.

Sorry, really wanted to get that off my chest; just because I’m not as politcal or news-obsessed as some people does not mean I don’t care or that I’m too stupid to understand.

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