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Super duper lazy weekend!

Omg I’m so glad to be able to blog again; I can’t imagine trying to write a long post with photos on my iPhone, too bledy complicated and fiddly! Anyway, I visited my partner and unfortunately we rowed before I stepped through the door; his attitude pissed me off, mine pissed him off and well, before I knew it I was asleep in bed ignoring him. However, he wakes me up and tells me to put on Snog, Marry, Avoid (one of my favourite shows to *ahem* be judgemental at – I know I feel terrible!!!); whilst doing so, he busies himself in the kitchen (or so I thought) and then he comes in with a huge-ass pizza and beer!!! He made us up by letting me watch one of my fave shows and treating me to delicious, yummy pizza!!!

Super calorific; luckily my lovely boyfriend made me healthier meals the next day which included Summer Porridge…
ImageEasily made; yogurt, oatmeal, a bit of milk and fruit. Super yummy, healthy and refreshing on a hot summer’s day! Unfortunately I don’t like blueberries (I totally thought I did), so maybe with strawberries next time??? For lunch I had cheese sandwiches on brown bread and then for dinner… quinoa with chicken and veg!!
ImageAgain, super healthy and full of proteins and vitamins – the broccoli is hiding in there somewhere!! As you can see he also brought me a Heat magazine to prevent me from getting bored whilst he was revising!! ♥

I spent the entire day in bed either on my iPhone or napping; the only time I moved was to use the bathroom, he brought me my food and everything!! I was sooooooo lazy but I work full time yeah?? I deserved a day to do sod all!! Today though I did bother to get up, shower and apply make-up. I got myself a hot chocolate whilst the boyfriend chowed down on a bacon sandwich; after the massive pizza, I was still watching my calorie in-take and my healthy eating. We went up onto this hill and chilled out, some of you may recognise this and know where it is!! It was super sunny and warm, I had to take my jumper off and after all the rain and cold weather we had last week this was rare!! The place we went to is on a hill with paths, trees and wildlife; everyone was chilling and sunbathing in the hot sun, and there was this happy little Mallard Duck enjoying the cool pond by himself, quacking away!!
ImageEverything look so sunny and relaxed, unfortunately I got hot chocolate on my hand and somehow got it all over myself T_T; oh and I forgot to bring a spare pair of undies so I went out wearing my partner’s boxers, lucky weekend for me.
ImageImageThere was this cute dog as well which reminded me of my Nan’s late pet Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Duke.
ImageImageEventually it was time for me to go home; good news though, I lost a few pounds!! My stomach and face are slimmer, and I managed to fit easier into my size 10 shorts that I bought the other week and they are looser around my waist (which means now they are a little bit big for me but still wearable because my hips and thighs are still big enough). So I came home and scoffed pizza and chips lol! I need to keep my calories stable now so that I can keep my weight stable!

Got a MASSIVE headache now because me and my dad have been trying to figure out how to use this stupid f***ing 02 app to check our minutes/data/calls etc but keeps telling me my details to log in with are WRONG even though they seemed to have created me a new account I never asked for AH. So frekkin annoying and my head is killing me, f***ing phones and their f***ing services!!!! Me and dad have both given up, will call them tomorrow to find out everything I need to know. Useless frekkin app… seems like a good idea too if only it would bledy work!!!

Ending this post abruptly with a camwhore photo of myself! Going to watch Vampire Diaries and whimper about my sore head… F*** you 02!!!

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