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Once Upon an Elaine: A Real Inspiration

Just a quick post; today I was watching Youtube videos from my favourite make-up gurus and in the Suggested Videos list was a video called ‘Acne Coverage Foundation Routine’ by a Youtuber called ElaineMokk; I believe she is fairly new to blogging on Youtube since her videos date recently. Whenever I see these foundation routine for acne videos, I always get intrigued because I like to see the end result, what products they use, and just in general I like to learn; I was so shocked and at the same time absolutely amazed by this girl.

If you think you have ‘acne’, then think again; if you get upset over a break-out (like I sometimes do when you try so hard to achieve flawless skin), then suck it up. At first she might get noticed for her unfortunate case of acne, but what caught my attention was her outstounding courage to post herself to the world, in what could only be a situation that would cause an ultimate break down in self-confidence. Her videos are about her acne situation, and she does video updates of her progress with the drug Accutane which is a form of Vitamin A that is supposed to help the skin renew more quickly and also to reduce the amount of oil released from your skin’s glands. Immediately I was shocked, I didn’t know how severe acne could get and I regret to say that Elaine’s acne is the worst I’ve ever seen. My heart went out to her but at the same time I felt so proud of her; this girl that I’ve never met and yet I just felt so proud. She just puts herself out there and shows the world something that so many teenagers dread and get bullied about, that she has to deal with every single day; it really made me think that my few spots that don’t disappear quick enough or pop up inconveniently, are nothing in comparison. So many people fret over spots and are quick to throw the term ‘acne’ around, really don’t know what it’s like and have nothing to complain about.

This girl is an absolute inspiration and I think that those of you who feel like you have no confidence (and that includes myself) should seriously consider whether or not we have anything to be truly upset about. I wish Elaine all the best with her treatment, she is a gorgeous girl and I am sure all will work out for her; I hope we see more of her in the future, maybe she will become the next top Youtube beauty guru???

If you are interested, see her video here:

Just discovered that she has a WordPress account too! Check her out here:

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