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I finally have something to blog about – Woot!!

I have finally got some stuff to blog about but unfortunately it is not uber exciting since I haven’t been out of my house other than to work. One day I will have a really interesting life with loads going on that I can write about but until then, it’s all about squeezing my barely interesting life into something much more exciting.

Firstly, I got 100+ views on Sugar Reviews!!! On Wednesday I got 100 views for the first time and yesterday I hit 108 views!! I was so happy (even though today it is barely pushing past 50 *sad face*) and grateful that people that aren’t my friends or who know me, read my blog!! It was a real highlight to my day, now I hope to keep working to get 100+ views every day!! I will be purchasing more make-up next week to prepare for the ball so I will have many more reviews to post over the weekend!!

The weather has been brilliant these past couple of weeks; bright, warm sunshine with a nice breeze. I’ve been desperate to get some summer clothes in because I cannot take the heat wearing black work trousers everyday; I bet you anything that tomorrow it will not be so warm, I will go into work wearing a skirt and wish that I hadn’t (I also have to consider comfort and warmth in my work place where I sit down all day). Speaking of work, everyday I pass this large man-made lake next to the station and the geese there have had lots of little goslings!!ImageThat white goose is totally out of place and has only recently arrived; I have no idea where he came from but when he first arrived he made a lot of noise. The rest of the geese seem to accept him though, and he seems to be rather protective of them all.

I’m a sucker when it comes to wildlife but I’m even more of a sucker when it comes to shopping!!! I have been trying my hardest not to purchase anything until the majority of my internet parcels come through (I buy a lot of cheap stuff online – I will be doing a fashion haul and accessories haul post soon); so in the meantime I took photos of make-up products I would like to buy and try:
ImageGlamShine lip glosses; I’m loving the pretty swirly colours and there are so many that I would love to try because I think the colours would be super pretty.
ImagePhotoready products from Revlon because I have seen many gurus using these and heard a lot of good things about them.
ImageBourjois cream blushers have been a good recent release too and when I tested them on my hand they seemed to have a nice colour without being a creamy, cakey consistancy.

I took loads more but you get the jist; for all you know I could’ve snapped the entire make-up section and explained why I wanted each individual item.

I recently bought a new purse online and it came the other day; it’s a pretty nude pink but the filter I used on the photo made it look a pale, pastel pink which made me a little upset that it wasn’t that pink instead lol. It was roughly £6.00 on eBay (excluding P+P) and the detail on it is super nice quality; it has loads of card holding spaces for all of my cards, as well as plenty of pockets for cash and receipts, and even a pouch for my coins. So much more storage in it than I expected!
ImageImageEverybody be jealous at my super kawaii purse with it’s pretty heart design and shiny charm!!!

I also bought some pretty t-shirt dresses from Newlook because the weather has been so hot; I wanted something light, casual and comfy for work but at the same time something that I could pair up with pretty accessories for a decent outfit. I also didn’t want them to be tight because I didn’t want everyone to see my podgy stomach when I sit down and these totally hide that!!
ImageI bought them in the colours ‘mink’ and ‘coral’ but love them so much I might also purchase the pink and peach ones. Really comfortable and fits my shape nicely without making me look short and podgy; they cost £12.99 each and were delivered to store so the P+P was free too.

Collecting these from the store made me very happy, especially since it was Friday!! I spent the entire weekend chilling with my partner and watching Game of Thrones whilst window shopping on the internet. I really wish I didn’t have to go to work next week because I enjoy having time off so much; luckily I am only working until Wednesday as I have taken Thursday and Friday as annual leave. We went for a walk and enjoyed the sunshine down by a small farm at the back of my partner’s street; the cows were out and so were the baby cows!!! They were up close and nosey as ever, so I took the chance to snap as many photos as I could of their cute little faces.
ImageImageMomma cow here is blind so didn’t exactly know where I was but tried her best to find me by doing a lot of sniffing lol. She dribbled a lot too but I think this is just a cow thing.
ImageImageBaby cows!! The brown one was my favourite but was a bit shy so the one above was my petting buddy!!
ImageGiving him a good pet on the nose but he much preferred to try and see whether or not I was edible…
ImageI discovered that despite being the slobberiest animal I have come across, their tongue seems to be rather rough and dry; does that make any sense at all?? This was definitely the highlight of my weekend, and I went home and immediately stripped down to check for ticks (I have some beacon for ticks I swear – I once woke up and found a fat one stuck in my leg whilst I was showering and whacked him clean off. He was probably pretty full after sucking on me ALL NIGHT).

I then walked 50 minutes from my partner’s to my house today in the blazing heat with my heavy weekend bag and came back to the house being full of family! I came home to see my preggy sister, who btw has gotten HUGE, and spent time cooing over her lively stomach and trying to figure out which body part was moving rapidly against her stomach (sorry sis for prodding it and having it kick you back bloody hard in return). My cousins were also over and forced me and my other sister to play ‘get the rabbit’ which involved having a stuffed rabbit and trying to get it from the opposite team; when we ‘lost’ we were forced to sing a song and we choose ‘Hakuna Matata’ since we’re both Lion King mad. It was a great end to my day and I think I burnt off some calories running around; it ended even better when I was given a bedside cabinet (that matched the rest of my bedroom furniture – I’m very anal about this) and a huge mirror, something I have been desperate for recently, for ZERO!! ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! I love my second family, it was pot-luck to come across it on their landing whilst they were discussing what to do with it when I mentioned that it would be perfect in my room and they told me I could have it!! I did have to carry it down the street with my sister (and beg dad to take it up the stairs as it was so heavy) but it was totally worth it!! Now I can post full-length pictures of my outfits just like I wanted to do!! HURRAY!!

That’s my weekend, not very interesting but as I said I have to squeeze as much as I can into something that sounds exciting. On Thursday I have my summer ball to go to and I heard today that there will be Cirque Du Soleil performances there such as acrobats and firebreathers, as well as food and a fairground; so expect my next post to be much more exciting, jam-packed with photos!!


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