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My kawaii accessories haul!!

Just felt like blogging about my super cute accessories that I have recently purchased; I’ve never been one for accessorising but discovered how much of a difference it can make to your outfit so I decided to go and purchase some really kawaii things!!

ImageFirst off are my pretty heart shaped sunglasses; I’m a real cheapskate with everything and I purchased these on eBay for roughly £0.99-£1.99 each!! My favourite pair are the white ones because they really bring the outfit to life; the pink ones are cute but unfortunately the make isn’t as good and don’t feel as comfortable, but white matches with more things so…

ImageNext are these kawaii plastic hair accessories in candy colours!!! Mint green and baby pink, I love them so much!! You get a set of 2 and they were only £2.50 each!!! I got them from Claires Accessories; they have a lot of cute and cool stuff in there for girls like me, I think I’m going to go back and get the pale yellow and white ones!! ♥♥♥

ImageSome more pretty bows, this time in a pink and floral pattern; again, only cost me £2.00 and that day they had 20% on everything that was full priced in store so it was even less! I did buy some cute hair clips with candy coloured roses on them (2 green, 2 pink and 2 yellow for only £2.50) but my iPhone accidently deleted it. 😦

ImageOne of my favourite pieces, although not so recent, are my Hello Kitty glasses! In Leopard print with a cute little bow and whiskers; these glasses complete with clear lenses can really brighten up a dull outfit and make it look fun! I love these so much but haven’t had much chance to wear them as an accessory.

ImageIgnore my super long nails, I am getting them done tomorrow night so I am trying my hardest not to break them and not to have them short so my sister in-law to be can shape them nicely. Anyway, picked up this cute plastic bow ring in a peach colour from Newlook for £2.50 I think? This is probably my most worn item and I bought it sometime late last year; it’s so pretty and adds just that hint of girly-ness to any outfit.

ImageI absolutely love this ring, when I saw it I just had to have it; I got it from Republic and I think it was £4.00 but they charged me £3.00 for it (WIN)! It’s so pretty, this picture does it no justice whatsoever!! It’s a dark gold ring with a pretty pink crystal centre that is all jagged and different heights; I love it because even though it is so pretty it adds a real uniqueness to whatever you’re wearing. It’s pink, it’s heart shaped, it’s cheap and I love it!!

ImageMy final item is this cute cut bow ring that has similar colours to the heart ring above; dark gold cut ring with pink rhinestones, and was only something like £1.99 from eBay. It’s really girly and sweet, not too heavy or in your face to create a subtle little statement.

That’s it for my accessory haul; I think tomorrow at some point I will do a fashion haul as I have quite a few new items of clothing that I haven’t worn yet! I know I’ve got an addiction to shopping but at least it is all cheap huh? Altogether these items cost roughly £25.00?? More like £22.00, and that’s a lot of items! I expect no one cares about what accessories or fashion I wear but I just wanted to show them off 😀 ♥

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