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A weekend of mixed emotions – photo and content heavy!

My weekend started from Thursday 13th to Monday 17th (technically) and it was rather eventful I have to say! This is rather unusual for me to have so much to blog about, I can only hope that I get to have my dream life some day where I have many exciting things to talk about.

Let’s start with Thursday; the day of the Summer Ball. As you guys might’ve seen, I blogged about ball dress inspirations but my partner told me that even though the dress code was ‘black tie’, we technically could wear whatever made us feel comfortable and part of it was also outside; I decided it would be silly to spend many £££ on a brand new dress that I was likely to only wear once (and could possibly get dirty on fairground rides), so that was when I found my black strapless dress with the floral print in my wardrobe which I hadn’t yet worn. I spent the entire morning washing, exfoliating, grooming etc. before going to my partner’s so that it was mostly done and I wouldn’t spend so long getting ready at his. When I was all finished, I camwhored for a bit before heading to the station.
ImageMe trying to look innocent and fairy like but I think I mega failed here… aaand the angelic version…
ImageNext is my favourite photo which I have now set as the background on my iPhone (because I’m so damn vain like that lol)…
ImageHappy eyes and a happy face; I was pretty pleased with how my hair curls came out. I then used a new photo app to add a pretty border…
ImageLast but not least, a victory pose that I can rarely ever pull off because for some reason my face doesn’t agree… (yeah I’m so vain that I have to post so many photos of myself lol).
ImageI did all readying on the morning but my sister in-law-to-be did my nails the night before; gel nails with a shimmery peach base, white french tips and a glittery coat!!
ImageI eventually got the train (I somehow took soooo long to get ready and didn’t get there until 15:30); on the way I snapped a pic of some graffiti at one of the smaller stations, what’s great is this isn’t the first pink elephant you’ll see in this blog!!!
ImageI managed to chow down a microwave pizza before getting ready with my friend; she was so nervous bless her and somehow messed up putting mineral powder on her face (it honestly looked fine but you know how us women get when we are trying to impress someone). When we were all ready (mostly) we took a taxi to the location of the ball which was at some posh estate house on the other side of a gorge; we swapped our tickets for a little wrist bracelet and discovered that the ENTIRE THING WAS OUTSIDE. This was not something we had expected; we were sure that SOME of it would be inside, at least a bar, seats, toilets and dancing hall whilst the fairground and food trucks would be outside. Unfortunately I was wearing heels (despite my friends telling me that it might be muddy and would probably be on grass) because it looked so pretty; I would come to regret this later. Here’s a picture of me and my man right at the beginning…
ImageSorry the photo quality isn’t great, I blurred his face using LunaPic for his privacy but he did give me permission to post this photo; isn’t he LUSH?? I love his suit and he was pretty chuffed that he was the only one there with a blue suit; we always look good together I think. Here’s my outfit, I wore tights to keep me warm and put little flower clips in my hair with colours that matched my dress (unfortunately one of them broke before I left and the other one I lost during the night). Since we did not expect to be outside all night, we did not expect for it to be so cold and windy; in the background you can see the man on stilts that welcomed us all in.

First thing we did was have a quick scan round and unfortunately it wasn’t that big… Don’t know what these people expected us to do all night really but we decided to enjoy it as much as we could so we headed for the Dodgems first!
ImageImageHaven’t been on this ride in ages; my partner drove whilst I took photos of me and my friends as we crashed into each other but for their privacy I will not be posting those photos, so I took some photos of people I don’t know driving the Dodgems whilst we waited in line. Next my friends and partner decided to go onto the magic carpet/pirate ship ride (dunno what it’s called) but me and my friend didn’t want to go on it; I can’t stand rides that mess with my stomach so this was an ultimate no-no for me.
ImageAfter they went on the next ride (which I also didn’t go on as it was another stomach-jerker), we headed on over to check out the big tents; they both had live bands in and were the only warm places to be.
ImageThe sun was peeping in and out but as the evening wore on, it looked plain miserable; we were so lucky that it didn’t rain and that the grass was dry and not muddy.
ImageYou can see the lovely, big warm house in the background that we weren’t allowed in and no one took notice of; we just ruined their front lawn, they should’ve just hired us a field. Luckily the rides, cotton candy and popcorn were all free (there was also a prize stall but I am not sure if this was free); being poor uni students (except myself lol), we decided to take advantage of the free things…
ImageImageYum! Actually I didn’t eat it even though I went to get one, I just wanted to take advantage of it; I am too concerned with my teeth’s health. I bumped into one of my favourite people and he thought it was a good idea to take a chunk of my cotton candy; unfortunately the whole lot came off the stick and since he too didn’t want to eat it because he also is a teeth-freak like me, it dropped on the floor. 😦
ImageHe then went on to do the hammer hit thing; I’m sure he won’t mind me posting this photo since you can’t see his face. You can see the stilt man in the background also looks excited!
ImageAnd here is the other pink elephant! This is his cumberband that he wore and it looks soo cool!! I love his style!
ImageWe then hit the jazz tent and danced to jazz which was pretty cool; the music and singers were brilliant and the tent was packed compared to the other one. I have to say that out of all of it, I enjoyed this part the most because we all had a good time. However, one of my other favourite moments was the strong men!! These guys were so cool, dressed in old fashioned weight-lifting wear; me and my partner could not get the song from Family Guy out of our heads the whole time we were watching them.
ImageSteak and eggs, and eggs and steak,
That’s what you should have for breakfast,

Steak and eggs, and eggs and steak,
Just making sure you heard,
(I got it!)

They were doing stunts like this all the time; when no one was up talking to them or asking for a lift, they were busy carrying each other around and flipping off one another. So I got brave and asked if the would pick me up; they told me I was a pretty little filly and posed with me for a photo!
ImagePlease ignore my face, it was a shot of the moment; being squished between 3 hefty middle-aged men who were all half naked and a little smelly is hard to take serious. They then decided to lift me; unfortunately my camera is a little slow when taking a photo so I didn’t get one where they had me properly in the air, instead you get these in the moment photos again of me laughing my head off mid-lift.
ImageImageI was so busy trying to keep my dress down, it was lucky I had the lace petticoat underneath because it was the only thing that didn’t lift each time the wind caught my dress. I actually ‘flashed’ a guy when I was trying to take a photo of my friends on the magic carpet ride but he told me he didn’t see anything because the lace petticoat stayed down before telling me he was so glad he wasn’t a girl who had to put up with all these little mishaps; I laughed so hard, I was so embarrassed!! One of these men were super cheeky and asked for a kiss on the cheek but turned last minute and ended up partly kissing me! YUK. I couldn’t stop wiping my face and when my friend got lifted, he tried to do the same to her but she was like ‘no way! I know your game!!’ This is like the third time this has happened to me in my life, when will I learn!!?? It was funny because afterwards I winked and blew a kiss at one of them and they pretended to be all embarrassed; they remembered my name though after lifting many others, and bidded me farewell and a good night.

I went back to the tent and waited in a long line for free popcorn because I was a little hungry…
ImageI asked the guy sweetly whilst I was there if I could have another bag for my friend since the line was so big, and since he had done this for 2 other people in front of me I thought it was only fair that he did it for me too and he did! Nice guy! No one else wanted it except my girlfriend (fussy men… if I hadn’t had a spare they would’ve just stolen mine anyway); here’s a pic of me quite late in the night with blown out hair and rubbed off make-up , nomming my free popcorn.
ImageYou can see from the jacket and red nose that it had gotten very cold; so cold that it was unbearable being outside in the wind. My friend who stole my cotton candy gave me his jacket for the rest of the night (hense why he isn’t wearing it in the hammer photo); I guess he wasn’t too worried about getting it back since he lives in the flat above us.

It was nearing 1am but my lot wanted to go on one last ride, so here’s a picture of the ride they went on; they were lucky to get on and were the last bunch allowed to ride before they shut it down.
ImageI didn’t feel like going on it due to the nature of it being a stomach-jerker and I was so cold and tired; I sat on the grass with everybody’s things whilst I waited.
ImageHere’s what my heels looked like by the end of the night; half of the night I walked around bare-foot (with tights on) because my feet hurt so much and my heels kept sinking into the ground and making me fall backwards lol.
ImageSo that’s all the photos from the ball, let’s sum all the bits up that I forgot to mention in a list:

Good moments:

  • My friends ran into each other at one point (literally) and as you can see from the photo where I am nomming popcorn, one of them got red lipstick on the cream satin sash of her dress.
  • My friend’s stalker from a party she went to the other night was there and she accidently ended up talking to him when trying to speak to the guy she was trying to impress – awkward but we all had a laugh about it!
  • The jazz was amazing and so was this young student girl who sang.
  • There were fireworks, Cirque Du Soleil acrobats (ribbon dancers) and firebreathers to watch.

Bad moments:

  • Everything was outside, and it was freezing cold and windy as hell.
  • There was no where to sit down except for two benches that were constantly occupied; it was real lucky that the ground was dry and not muddy, even in the tents.
  • There was one bar.
  • The only food you could buy was expensive – nearly £5.00 for a crappy burger van burger!!
  • As more people arrived, the lines got longer until it was pointless trying to do anything.
  • The female toilets were portaloos with huge lines, and the male toilets were just a shack.
  • The coaches to take us home were supposed to have all left by 1am; we didn’t get a coach until 2.30am and the line was huge and barely moved. By then I was so cold and tired I had to sit down, and we had to walk for 15 minutes back to our flat from where the coach dropped us off.
  • My friend believed he got food poisoning from the food vans.
  • This whole thing cost us £40.00 each!! Luckily my boyfriend paid for me.

So as you can see, there were more bad points than good; even though the night was pretty shitty, there were some good moments but not enough for me to feel like £40.00 was worth it. I was exhausted and there was more to come from the weekend…

The next day we got up to go and see a film that my partner was super excited about seeing since it is one of his favourite books; The Great Gatsby!!

Omg I fell in love; no one could’ve played Gatsby better than Leonard Dicaprio!! He was perfect, I was instantly convinced by his character even though I haven’t read the book yet and didn’t know what to expect. Each character’s portrayal was well done, even my partner said so; I was drawn to Gatsby and believed his love for Daisy and his obession with her was 100% real and nothing was acted. Here are some more pictures of the handsome devil, I urge you to go watch it; go now!!
ImageImageImageImageI love the way he says ‘Hey Old Sport’; Daisy is such a bitch and doesn’t deserve him, the story broke my heart but I won’t put spoilers here. I will definitely be buying this on DVD!!

Anyway, before we went in to watch The Great Gatsby we went to Tampopo next door which is a restaurant that serves Far Eastern cuisine; whilst I was there I got something in my eye which hurt terribly and the waitress was really nice and asked me if I was okay when I got out of the bathroom – such kind staff, so considerate!! I couldn’t tell you what my partner ordered but I ordered Chicken Katsu Curry because I was so hungry and it is a really nice Japanese curry!!!
ImageMy Chicken Katsu Curry and below is my partner’s dish of what looks like a noodle/stir fry mix; I think he said it was Vietnamese.
ImageHere is a couple of photos of me that were taken; my eyes look super puffy and ringed because I was 1) wearing minimal make-up and I suffer dark circles and have a natural ‘puffy eye’ look anyway, and 2) suffering from something sharp in my eye (probably a scratch from some grit that got blown in there earlier) as well as hayfever since my eyes were itchy, swollen and red beforehand.
ImageImageThey didn’t look that bad the day before I promise 😦 stupid hayfever; if you guys are wondering what is on my top, it is Bambi!!! Here’s a proper picture, he is doing my favourite expression; the words at the bottom read ‘Oh Deer’!
ImageAfter dinner, my partner wanted to try some icecream and decided to go for the Green Tea flavour; I was interested in trying it but was too full up to have my own plate so my partner got one and let me try a bit.
ImageIt was 2 scoops for £2.00 because it was on offer; it might be small but it was just enough to finish the meal and refresh our tastes. When you first try it you can really taste the green tea before it turns creamy; I don’t normally like the taste of cream but this was really nice, and the small amount was just enough of it because it is quite rich, so you wouldn’t want too much anyway. The whole meal cost just £11.45 I think because we got a deal where if you buy cinema tickets you get discount on the meal; my partner also got discount because he is a student!! It was super cheap! My partner tipped the waitress seperately and we filled out a little questionnaire, I love going to this place because it is always so friendly and the food is amazing.

The next day I had to get up again because my partner was helping on a stall for the European Union movement; I however decided to go shopping and I mean SHOPPING. Not the shopping you do when you’re with your partner, the shopping you can only do when you are alone and you can look at absolutely everything with no one moaning or complaining that you are taking too long.

I looked all around and never realised we had so many cheap clothes shops that were selling items for like £3.00!! Unfortunately the clothes were all tacky, I call these shops ‘slutty clothes shops’ because they are usually run by foreign men selling slutty dresses and tops; here’s an example:
ImageThis place was called Utopia; there are several other super cheap stores such as Dress 4 Less, Glitz, Sonyx and Solo. You really want to find something nice in these places, especially since the sales are on right now but you rarely ever do!!

After 5 hours or so of shopping, queing for the changing rooms and queing for the till, I reached Primark; the one-stop destination for all cheap-skates like me. Despite it being cheap and some items not made well, you can find some nice items; if not, then you can always find super cheap basic items for everyday use. I must’ve been in there for 2 or so hours? It was a Saturday and jam-packed; the lines were huge but luckily I only had to spend 10 minutes queing for the changing rooms and 5 minutes for the till. The girl who was in charge of the changing rooms must’ve been dumb as I chose to que for the children’s changing rooms (even though there is only 4 rooms available, there were less people queing here) and she was calling children forward to change, which is fine since they have a seperate room to the adults anyway so made no difference to us waiting; but one girl went up to the lady when she called children forward and claimed she was a child at the age of 13. She was literally PLASTERED in make-up with large breasts and was clearly not a child of that age, she looked at least 15; her friend then approached and asked if they could go in together, the woman then asked how old she was and after a moment’s thought she replied she was 12. OMFG WOMAN ARE YOU BLIND, SERIOUSLY??? This girl was taller than her friend, wearing just as much make-up and with just as much boob, and the woman ACCEPTED THAT SHE WAS 12. At least her friend’s was more realistic, AND SHE HAD TO THINK ABOUT HER AGE!!! I think that they should be asked their date of birth because that would’ve REALLY stumped them to get the age right. 12 and 13 my ass… this really pissed off those of us that were waiting in the que and we all started talking about it; I said that I should’ve asked to go into the changing room since I looked much younger than both of them put together and I am nearly double the age they claimed to be!! GAH.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, the woman who served me at the till was absolutely USELESS. She scanned each of my items and just DROPPED them in the bag with no folding or anything! My partner said that if he had to work in Primark then he too would probably care very little about how he packed someone’s things by the end of the day, but that’s not the point; regardless of how tired she was, she should’ve packed it properly! This has happened to me twice now, I swear the next time this happens I will wait until they are finished and then make them re-pack my entire bag! Just take a look!
ImageThe pyjamas in front are folded and tied on cardboard, so they are already folded but you can see everything underneath has just been dropped in the bag. I had to sit down and re-fold everything. By the end of the day, my feet were in agony and so were my legs from walking in heels at the ball. For the past 3 days I had done non-stop walking, so I spent the majority of Sunday lazing in bed and watching Game of Thrones with the boyfriend.

To top it all off, I was sick today which is why my long weekend lasted until today; I don’t really know what was wrong but my stomach was dodgey and I woke up headachey and feverish, so I called in sick to work (which I don’t think they were very happy about as I think the weekend was rather hectic already).

Omg this post is super long, I am really sorry if you didn’t manage to get to the end but I had so much to talk about and now you understand why the title is as it is!! So much went on, I am quite glad that my feet aren’t feeling tortured anymore. I think tomorrow I will do that fashion haul that I mentioned in my earlier post now that I have bought many more things!!! At least this makes up for the many boring posts I have written!! Until next time – abrupt end to this post with a picture of pigeons bathing in a fountain.


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