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Yet another rollercoaster of a weekend…(16+)

Another weekend gone by that was very enjoyable yet heartbreaking at the same time; it was my last weekend at my partner’s flat, and therefore my last chance to see many people.

I was so excited to see my partner on Friday, I guess the idea that I would not be seeing people who I have basically lived with for the past 3 years, hadn’t quite hit me yet and wouldn’t until the final day.

He met me at the station with my good girlfriend, the weather was super lush and they wanted to get Pimm’s and ice-cream as they were all chilling out on the flat’s roof but by the time we got back the sun had gone in and it got cold! Typical! The boys played Smash Bros for a while before someone came up with the bright idea to play Centurion… I was intrigued because I had heard stories from when my partner and his friends had played it and apparently there were some funny (for most) and disasterous (for some) consequences. I was keen to play but my partner was adamant that I didn’t because 1) I’m a light-weight and 2) I’m on medication that advises you not to drink heavily, but I was super stubborn and insisted that I got to play (even though I was going to stop as soon as I felt tipsy but I didn’t tell him that). For those of you who don’t know, Centurion is a drinking game that requires its players to drink one shot every minute; you would be incredibly stupid to do it with anything stronger than light beer because the game gets you drunk super fast and it is in awful lot to drink in such a short amount of time. We had a Centurion timer on in the background; the more you drink, the closer together the shots seem but if you miss a shot or take it late then you are expected to take a penalty shot of something stronger. Whilst we played we watched Disney’s Hercules which is like one of the best Disney movies ever!!
ImageI got to 39 shots before going to the toilet (I opted out of penalties) and then quit the game to say goodbye to a friend next door; unfortunately the alcohol hit me when I stepped into his flat so I had to sit down and ended up staying there for an hour talking about God knows what (I was quite tipsy lol). My friend T (I will call her T from now) came to find me and by the time I went back, they had all finished! T took lots of photos and took one of the winners standing together, about 5 out of 8 people were left so they did pretty well but I’m sure at least two people puked… We started at 21:30 and finished at 23:00, that’s how quick this game is!! The rest of the evening was spent sobering up, I can’t believe how drunk everyone was! I can remember feeling shocked when I asked for my third can but I was drinking the same amount as everyone else was; luckily I stopped early and woke up feeling perfectly fine, I can’t say the same for everyone else…
ImageImageWhilst we were sobering up, we had a good laugh watching ‘The Room’; seriously go watch it, it’s the BEST MOVIE EVER. LOL.

So happy that I woke up the next day feeling fine because we were going into town; me and T were going to watch The Great Gatsby whilst the boys were going to watch Man of Steel. I did tell them that I had read cruddy reviews but they insisted on going to see it so… their loss lol. I went to Claire’s and bought more kawaii items but I’ll blog about that at some other point because I also want to do a fashion haul post to show you all the things I bought recently!!!

T then showed me a shop called ‘Savers’ (which I thought was a shoddy version of Poundland) and I bought some hair products because it sells branded products for much less than you would get in Superdrug or Boots!! I got some hair oil for like £2.80 when it is usually like £6.00!! I was so bummed that I had literally only just discovered this after all my time spent in that city; all the times I could’ve stocked up on shampoos and other cosmetics and saved so much money!! Argghhh!! We then ran for our lives to a hair accessory shop to find some specific hair dyes that T’s hairdresser had recommended to her; she screamed the shop down when she found them lol. She has just got her hair dyed a beautiful platinum blonde with a silver undertone, it is perfect to put semi-permanent dyes in to create beautiful pastal shades!! She bought Candy Floss pink, Bubblegum blue, Peacock blue and Lilac from a dye brand called Crazy Colour by Renbow! They are supposed to last 5 washes and only cost about £4.50!
ImageI so badly wanted her to get Marshmallow but unfortunately she didn’t; it’s cross between lilac and light pink.

It was then time for Gatsby!! Hurray!! We missed the majority of the adverts and T cut her ankle with the heel of her shoe quite badly (only she could!) but we got there on time. Afterwards we hit the shops again because the boys were still in MOS; we ended up in Claire’s again and T bought me this adorable Hello Kitty charm! They came in a pack of 2 and her one has a darker bow with a cupcake instead of a strawberry; we orginially were going to get a pair of unicorn charms but the Hello Kitty charms suited us better, so cute!! BFF!!
ImagePut it straight on my keys, it even has an adorable heart shaped keyring! I love it so much, just what I was looking for! I want to get a new lanyard that’s cute and pink, my current one is a horrid black back from my rebel teenage days…

We then went to meet the boys, it was so funny because I was shouting at my partner to get his attention and he was about to go down the escalator but we were on the same level walking right towards them; just as he turned to look at me, he had stepped on the escalator and started going down lmao! I laughed so hard when I saw them come back up the other one! XD

Went to Tampopo again and I got Chicken Ramen Noodles this time and Green Tea ice-cream to share with the boyfriend afterwards!
ImageNom nom!! With the discount we got on the cinema and the student discount the others provided, the meal and dessert only cost me £6.50!! Mega cheap!!

When we got home, T decided she wanted to use one her dyes so she chose Candy Floss pink!!
ImageImageImageThis is what it looks like on, you can see it has turned a nice pink shade! I don’t have an after pic yet but I am hounding her to send me one; I saw it wet when she had washed it out but it was quite streaky, apparently it adhered to the roots and tips but missed large chunks in the middle section of her hair. She applied it the next day but says it keeps sliding off in the same areas… so not sure what has happened with that as she was applying it right before I left. She says she’ll send me a picture tomorrow.

I spent all of Sunday sleeping in and chilling with my partner, eating and watching Game of Thrones; just managed to get onto Season 2 but stupid person at Asda put Blue-Ray discs in my box set instead of normal discs!! Luckily they exchanged it for me even though I didn’t have the receipt.

It still had not hit me that I was due to leave for the last time that day; I ended up missing my normal train to get a later one and packed up everything that was mine, including my drawer :(. I eventually had to say goodbye to everyone and I had been crying beforehand so lied and said I had been suffering hayfever which was why I was asleep for most of the day (because T came in at one point when me and my partner were napping). I gave everyone shoddy goodbyes and bawled my eyes out when I left the flat; my partner was so taken aback by my sudden change of attitude that he stopped in the middle of the street and swept me up. I cried all the way home, and sent everyone a long Facebook message saying goodbye. T_T

I’m really upset that it is going to be a long time (if ever for some) until I see these people again; I didn’t know they meant so much but they do and I have made such fond memories with them all. I gave them all my email and phone number so they could keep in touch, as well as being on Facebook; I always felt angry towards my partner’s university life because I hated being seperated from him. When he first went I hated everything about it; I hated it when he spoke about it and I hated going there but I realise it was just the being apart from him that I hated so much and I blamed the university because that was the reason why we were seperated. Overall I really enjoyed the ‘university experience’ that I got (because I got the fun side of it ;p) and meeting new people, as well as having a nightlife. I will look back fondly on all those that I met and the places I got to go to; until we meet again, I wish them all the best of luck in their life, and hope that they achieve all their hopes and dreams. I love them all and will miss them dearly. x

Abruptly ending this blog here.

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