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Omg my life is so boring now T_T – The last few weeks in pictures!

Have not blogged in AGES! Not a lot has gone on, I’ve just been chilling with my partner watching GoT, like every day; working my ass off and making summer plans. The good news is the weather has been absolutely LUSH so I have had a real good chance to wear my skirts and shorts!! Anyway, here is a bunch of pictures I took in the last week or so…ImageSuper cute dinosaur chocolates I bought for my partner at a farmer’s market that was happening in the town where I work. I bought them as a ‘Welcome home/Congratulations’ gift.ImagePicture I took after I blow-dried my hair before bed; I was so shocked to see how long it had gotten so I can’t wait for it to get even longer!!
ImageMars ice-cream that my boss spoilt us with one afternoon; I was craving it really badly and she decided to treat me. One of my favourite ice-creams ever!!
ImageI printed off a ton of blank make-up templates and did a couple of make-up looks over the weekend; so much fun researching and creating different looks that I hope to try out one day!
ImageAdorable Guinea Pigs at the pet shop! I used to own a pair but that was a long time ago; seeing their cute little faces and hearing their little noises made me want some so badly! They are so cute and happy creatures, moments before I took these photos they were popcorning!!!
ImageCute Bearded Dragon sunbathing in his tank at the same pet shop; I love animals so much that if I had the room and could afford it, I would own a minature zoo!!

That’s it unfortunately, I did go to a festival in a town nearby that sold lots of different food but I forgot to take pictures; I had a Thai Masuman curry (my first ever taste of Thai) and it was really yummy! My partner got Mexican, and there were other stalls such as Italian, African, German and many more! It’s a dangerous business taking me to places like that because I’m so fussy, I’m just lucky that I got the very last scrapings of the Masuman curry!

In other news, some idiotic, arrogant woman was allowed on TV; Katie Hopkins was interviewed on the This Morning show about her views on children’s names. First thought is that she is asked if she can tell a lot about a child by there name but rather than this being some good judge of character, it ended up being the complete opposite. This woman was attacked not only by the hosts of the show, including Holly Willoughby, but by the media and the internet for creating a direct link between children’s names and their social status; she stated that she would never let her own children play with other children who had names such as Tyler, Chantelle or Chardonnay because it meant that they came from low/working class backgrounds and that the child would more than likely be the kind who never did their homework, failed in class, are disruptive and naughty, are late to school, and never wear the correct uniform!

I can understand that people like or dislike certain names because of people they can relate that name to; personally I’m not fond of the name Charlie because I knew a Charlie in school and he was a disruptive, horrible child who grew into a teenage rebel. However, I met a Charlie later on in school and a Charlie from my partner’s university who are both lovely, fun and kind people who I get on well with. However, my dislike of the name has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the child was from a working class background; this woman has probably never MET a Chardonnay and instantly judges them without even meeting them! This poor child didn’t even CHOOSE her name, and yet this woman refuses her children to play with a girl who has this name, based on just that. It’s absolutely disgusting, a child with this name could be just as likely to be rich, top of the class and well spoken, as she could be from a working class background, being a class failure and foul-mouthed. This woman also said that she didn’t understand how people could name their child before seeing them as you could end up ‘with an ugly child called Bella’; she also states that she doesn’t like children with names of the season or geographical names such as London or Brooklyn, and yet her daughter is called INDIA. God knows how she would react if she met two completely different people with the name Chardonnay so that she could compare and realise that your name has SOD ALL to do with your personality; there are wild girls called Sophie, quiet girls called Chantelle, rebels called Annabelle and rock-chicks called Shelly. My partner pointed out that she would really struggle with meeting someone who is foreign to the country with a foreign name; how would she react to that????

If you want to watch the video, click below!!

I’m proud that my rant was so small; my partner had to hear at least an hour of it after I had watched the video… 😡

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