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I’m Laptop-less!! :'(

Just to inform my blog that I have not abandoned it, I am currently laptop-less due to my charger breaking and the battery being too old to use for more than 5 minutes before dying on me. I have lots to blog but cannot get on a computer where I can upload my photos and use for as long as I like. I have had my charger looked at today and they are expecting me to pay £29.99 for it!!! PFFT. I told them I just wanted the specifications for the charger so that I can buy another one but they were expecting me to buy one right there and then!! I had to explain again that I just wanted to know its details as I am sure I can buy one online for like… £4.99 and that it will work so long as it is for my brand of laptop and has the right voltage and shiz. Hopefully will have it delivered by the end of this week and I can blog to my heart’s content again!!

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