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BRB – Getting charger tomorrow!!

So for the past couple of weeks I have been using my daddy’s shoddy laptop (I asked to borrow it once and took over it ever since); the mouse doesn’t work properly, the ‘R’ key is missing but it WORKS. However, I haven’t been able to upload any photos or anything BUT tomorrow I get paid, so tomorrow those cheeks at the computer store will be getting my £29.99 for the charger I so desperately need… Unfortunately my partner has had a few difficulties with chargers that he has purchased online that aren’t exactly correct for his laptop; all of them blew and with his laptop already on the melt-down (literally), when the final one blew it was the last straw and we had to lay it to rest. I did NOT want that to happen to mine (I neither have the parents willing to pay because it will be for leisure and not important final year uni work, or a student loan to afford it), so I am going to purchase from a trustworthy supplier and hope it lasts the 3-4 years my other one did. 

My laptop is pretty good, makes no noise and does not overheat due to where the fan is placed; my only problem is that the screen flickers because I treated it poorly but when I get it in the right position it is good as gold and plays movies, games and videos really well. I miss it so much, I miss saving inspiration and uploading photos. NOT LONG NOW MY BELOVED LAPTOP, I PROMISE TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOU AND MAYBE TREAT YOU TO A CHECK-UP TO SEE IF THEY CAN SORT OUT YOUR FLICKY SCREEN XXX

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