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Preparing for my little Niece or Nephew – Yesterday was the due date!!!

OMG THE DAY FINALLY ARRIVED… And then it passed… After roughly 16 years, pretty much ever since I could form a sentence, I’ve wanted to be an auntie; no one ever told me where babies came from and I never believed in stalks, I just knew that my sister could have a baby and in doing so that would make me an auntie. I have wanted nothing more from her for years and years; I so badly wanted a little sister that I could spoil and love just like my sister does me. We still don’t know the sex, but even if it is a little boy I will love him like I have never loved anything or anyone else!

For years my sister would say ‘one day’ and then it suddenly changed to ‘I never really wanted kids, it was never on my agenda and neither is marriage’. I’m not going to lie but this deeply upset me, not only would I never be an auntie from her but I would not get be a bridesmaid for one of my siblings; my brother is engaged but his fiance already has too many bridesmaids and I’m not one of them. My other brother will have little say in bridesmaids and unless I am close to his fiance of the time, it is unlikely I will be a bridesmaid for his wedding either. Now my sister informs me that she has no wish to get married T_T.

LUCKY FOR ME she changed her mind about having a baby and I will indeed become an auntie any day now! It went from never wanting children to ‘we’ve been trying for a baby’ – WHAT? WHEN? Excuse me??? I was so shocked but so so happy when she was blessed with this healthy little baby who is said to be around 8lb; she also has no baby weight or stretch marks, I can only hope to be so lucky when it is my turn!! Unlike my sister I have wanted children for a long time, and still do, but my partner isn’t family orientated and is more set on the now rather than the future. I don’t think it is the first major thing on his agenda but has said he would like children at the right time and at a point in his life when he has managed to achieve many things. This has rubbed off on me, probably for the best, and now rather than being a young wife and mum, I am happy to explore the world and experience new things before I settle down; so for now my broodiness will have to be relieved by the birth of my first Niece or Nephew!!!

Anyway, I visited my sister a few weeks ago when the weather first got mega hot here; bless her she was really struggling and I still couldn’t get my head around the fact that the next time I see her she might be a mummy!!! I got to see the nursery for the first time and it is so cute! It’s full of neutral shades and yellows, everything is set up for them to dive in as soon as they get home! Providing all goes well, my sister is estimated to stay in the hospital for roughly 6 hours before her and the baby are free to go home; she has everything packed ready for the hospital, and super stocked up ready to start! Here are some photos I took!
ImageMy sister chose this pretty wall sticker to decorate the wall and take away the blandness from the plain paint.
ImageHere is the lovely crib; originally I was supposed to buy my sister the bumper set that went with the theme she was going for, but she bought this one for cheaper that is still cute.
ImageThis is a little activity bear plush; I think it is for when the baby starts sitting up and getting stronger. This is the theme my sister went with, it’s called ‘Little Bear’ from NEXT. So cute!
ImageThis is the Moses basket that my sister will be keeping the baby in during the period that it sleeps in her bedroom; again it is following the same theme and colour scheme as everything else.
ImageThis is the changing table from the same brand; I told you she had stocked up! My sister is a big fan of Pandora charms, I think she used the bags as decoration until such times as there is something else to fill the space.
ImagePictures of her 4D scan; my sister has such a knack for finding the prettiest of things to decorate with!!
ImageI love the changing mat it is so cute! Fits the changing table perfectly, she’s thought about this right down to the last detail.
ImageTiny little onesies! I absolutely LOVE the Dumbo one, I’m a sucker for Disney themed baby items!
ImageI bought this adorable bunny rabbit plush from JellyCat for my sister because she fell in love with one that I had; I chose this one specifically because it was suitable from birth and the bunny print on the ears and feet is just too cute!!! The night light is a white rabbit that I originally bought for myself but thought that my sister would appreciate it more; luckily she was thinking of getting a night light for the nursery! I did buy a mobile and a nappy stacker but turns out the nappy stacker was too big for where my sister planned on putting it, and the mobile didn’t fit the crib T_T; it made me so sad because they were gorgeous but my sister couldn’t use them so I think she plans on exchanging them.

I AM SO EXCITED!! My sister has had her ‘sweep’ that is to try and detach the baby’s sack from the cervix and try to get everything moving but she has informed me that there has been no changes; she has tried spicy foods and pineapple but still nothing! Anyway, I think it is time to post some cute pictures of animals…
ImageThis is Professor Bramble, my sister’s house rabbit! He’s getting his eye drops here and he is none too happy about it lol. He’s so cute and a lot tamer than her other one. During the winter they get to roam free around the house, and poop in a litter tray.
ImageThis is me cuddling Pixie-Lopp, the other one. She’s wilder than Bramble and isn’t fond of being picked up but once you have hold of her bum she’s fine, I think rabbits have a trust issue. She’s so cute, I love her! Of course she is getting kisses from me, smells sooo good…
ImageThis is Suzie or Suki… it’s not her cat. This belongs to their next door neighbours but it was in the garden for the entire day, I think the rabbits attracted her attention! She’s about 4 months old and so cute and friendly! She stalks the rabbits but playfully; the rabbits don’t seem to mind her at all, in fact they are bigger than her!
ImageAnyway, that’s all for this post! Eagerly awaiting news from my sister as I feed her supposed tricks to getting the labour started. I am sure this blog will have many pictures of the little one when the little Lord or Lady arrives!!


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