Random ♥


That’s right! Last night between 19:00-19:30, my sister went into labour; at around 02:15am this morning she finally gave birth to a little boy whom they’ve named Harry. I woke up to my dad yanking my leg at about 02:45 to let me know that my sister had finally given birth; I knew it was going to be today, I knew it was going to be a boy and I knew he was going to be called Harry!! Yesterday my sister answered none of my texts and it was just a really weird day; I felt like something was up, something wasn’t quite right. I was sat watching The Mill, and at the point where two of the female mill workers were discussing pregnancy and I thought ‘I wish my sister would pop already’. I checked my phone a few moments after with a missed call and text from my dad saying ‘ring me’ which he then informed me that she had gone into labour!! Me and my sister are so connected I swear, it’s weird!

Anyway, I will be visiting her later today to meet him for the first time; my sister requested that me and my dad be the first to see him, and my bosses have authorised for me to leave early! Can’t wait to see him, you can be sure my next post will be bombarded with him and my Instagram uploaded with a few! More details on the little man later!! ♥

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