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Everyone, meet Harry!!

So, the last time I wrote I mentioned that I had just become an Auntie!! I have dreamed about this for as long as I can remember; my sister finally posted a photo of little Harry on Facebook once all the important family members had met him personally. I now feel comfortable posting him up for all to see (I was worried it would somehow get on Facebook and upset my sister), and for everyone to experience just how amazingly gorgeous and perfect he is!

Everyone, I want you to meet Harry: Born 7lb 7oz at 02:15am on the 06/08/13!!
ImageIsn’t he GORGEOUS!? He is so cute and small; I did take a lot of photos in the hospital but the photos were bad quality due to there being a lack of light because the curtains were all closed, and the curtains were blue which also cast a blue hue over everything so this was a better photo to post.

I’m so in love with him, I’ve already confessed to my partner that he is no longer the most important man in my life. I’m smitten with him and I miss him like mad when I’m away from him! I was so desperate to go up the Saturday after to see him for more cuddles and photos; when I saw my sister in the hospital I bawled my eyes out, hugging her and repeating that she was okay. I was so relieved, I was worried she would be in pain or unwell; I think I was also worried that she would no longer be the sister that I knew and I loved now that she was a mother after all this time of acting motherly to me since we lost ours. I was so glad that she was her normal, happy self with a big smile on her face as soon as she saw me; she laughed because I was already bawling and I hadn’t even taken a look at him yet, he was right next to her and I went to her first. When I finally looked at him, I burst into tears again; I had waited for so long and he was finally here, and when I eventually calmed down I got to have my first cuddle. He was so happy and quiet whilst all the other babies were crying around him; he didn’t cry although in some of his photos it looks like he was but he really didn’t! For the first time that day for any of the visitors that had come to see him, he opened his eyes and saw me, and I fell in love all over again.
ImageAll of the photos that I took of him are super cute; his little face had so many expressions, a lot of them looked disgruntled, especially when dad used the flash, that it makes me want to pick him up and kiss them off of his face!! Whenever I’m feeling poopy I look through them, they make me smile and make me glad that I’m a day closer to seeing him!! (God I apologise for being SO soppy).

I’m going to stay with her from Tuesday evening for a few days to help out with whatever I can and at the same time get lots of cuddles; I want us to have a really good bond so I want to start it early, and I also want to learn how to take care of him properly. I’m so excited to see my little Lion Cub and I will post more photos; I’m going to be taking my laptop so I hope I can get them up soon!!

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