Random ♥

I miss my little Harry so much but on another note, just got some great news!!!

I came home from my sister’s today after spending the past 4 days with her and my nephew Harry; I’m already having withdrawal symptoms!! I miss his warm, soft little head and lovely smell; I miss the way that he tries to eat me and suck on my arm when he hasn’t found his fingers yet, omggg!!! I’ve been sat here doing not much since I got back because I’m waiting for my partner to return from his holiday; despite everything going on I really have missed him so much!! I’ve been checking out items for the finishing touches for my sister’s/Harry’s surprise present, soon I will have everything I need to get cracking on it!!

Currently sat here watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (not because I’m missing Harry but because it’s my favourite one, and it’s on TV anyway), it’s so awesomely spookey and sad! Oh no here come the Death-Eaters!!! Poor Molly :O

Just been given some brilliant news!! My best friend has been waiting for a special piece of jewellery 😉 and she has asked me to play a very important role which ofc I have said yes too!! Omg who am I kidding; my friend got proposed to last night and said yes!! She has been waiting for a very long time; she has been engaged before but to the worst person in the history of boyfriends, but now she is with someone who really cares for her and who has helped her to achieve the life she has always wanted. She has asked little me to be her Maid of Honour… AND I SAID YES!! I nearly cried, and I’m acting like I’m the one that got proposed to!!! Lol maybe one day, not for a long time though boo hoo. I hope one day a man will love me enough to propose to me all romantically ♥

I’ve gabbled on here, so many things going on at once! Hopefully Harry will have a good morning tomorrow and my sister will be able to bring him down; they’re going to try travelling for the first time, and also my ‘extended family’ aka my brother’s fiance, dad’s girlfriend and her daughter, are yet to meet him. I am going to leave you with this adorable photo of me and him that I snapped during my stay. ♥
ImageI love him so, so much with all my heart; first person I think of when I wake up, last person to leave my mind when I fall asleep. ♥♥♥

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