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Random photo post!! Not a lot going on eh? =_=

Yeah, not a lot going on for me really so I am going to post a bunch of photos of things I happened to come across during my last couple of weeks 🙂
ImageImageImageOne of the travelling ponies that occupy one of the fields near where I live; poor fella was covered in flies in the hot weather we were having but he seemed pretty friendly!
ImageDoes anyone know what this is from??? 5 gold stars to you if you do!! One of my favourite Sega games of all times!!
ImageTHAT’S RIGHT, IT’S SONIC!!! Sonic 2 was always my favourite because Miles (Tails) was with him! Cost me £1.99 to have on my iPhone!
ImageImageOh no, I died!!! Hated this level (Chemical Plant) because we always died at this bit where it got flooded. I used to get really scared when the warning music came on and I hated how he died, my brother would take advantage of this and torture me whenever we played together.
ImageImageThese bits were awesome, it was always a battle between me and my brother to get the most rings (or to just be in front)!!
ImageSomeone on Instagram must be happy that their 9 tile picture eventually made one massive one on a hashtag search!!
ImageCheck out Kyarypamyupamyu’s cute ice cream dress!!! I would love to own one of these, she gets to wear such cool fashion!!
ImageSpeaking of cool fashion, I so badly want this!!! SPYRO THE DRAGON KIGU, YEAH BABY!!! I LOVE Spyro the Dragon!! One of my all-time favourite games for the PlayStation1!! I have 1, 2 and 3, and none of the newer ones beat them!!!
ImageSuper cute and mega yummy sweets my boyfriend surprised me with yesterday!! Bubblegum flavourite fizzy bottles!! They taste SO GOOD and Bubblegum is like my favourite flavour ever!!! My partner has the best knack ever for getting me things that I wouldn’t normally try myself and making me love them! Yum!

Last but not least, I went out with friends Saturday night so here’s a couple of camwhore shots of me (okay a lot lah).
ImageImageImageRocking the quiff!! Absolutely love my earrings, cannot believe got them for £2.50 from Claire’s!!
ImageTaken in the club by my friend on my iPhone; I was using it as a mirror to apply my lip tint but she smooshed me!! Yes, that is my Kitty blue lip tint from Tonymoly!!
ImageImageGot to wear my red wedge sneakers for the first time when I bought them ages ago; they are lush and only bought for like £17.99!! Unique, no one else I know has a pair like me! I have 3 pairs of wedge sneakers now and I aim to have many more because they are soo cool!! Please ignore FAT legs.
ImageDon’t worry, I did not wear the poncho all night I just needed something to wrap up in and keep me warm during the journey and also we were going to my friend’s first and I wasn’t sure if we would be sat outside or not.
ImagePlease ignore my messy room, girls tend to get all over the place when they are trying to get ready for a night out okay!!?? I wore a chiffon top that I tucked baggily into a tight, black bodycon skirt, with knitted grey tights and my sneakers; comfy yet edgy.

I leave you with another camwhore shot of me; hopefully will have more interesting things going on that I can blog about soon! Mwuah!! ♥

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