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Excitment why do you evade me??

Life seems so boring lately, it feels like all I ever do is prepare for things but never get round to doing them!! From now on I plan on making time to finish doing all these things that I have hanging!! Also am currently trying to persuade my partner to allow me to have the spare room (if we manage to find somewhere with 2 bedrooms that we can afford) for my Princess/Pink/Girl room!! Ever since I saw Xiaxue have one, I have been dying to have one of my own! You always hear about men having their ‘man’ room or games room but never the ladies having a girl room!! He thinks it should be an office/guest room which is completely understandable and logic but… I want a Pink room!! So I have been researching for inspiration and am building up a mood board; I’ve already found a pink desktop pc complete with mouse, keyboard and monitor I am dying to have!! Surely the man wouldn’t mind using my pink computer for when he is needing to do officey stuff??? The computer, desk and empty room would be there but it will just be… pink!!??? Yeah, yeah??? Who’s with me!!??

Abrupt end of excitment here.

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