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Wear brights for winter – It’s not a dull season!!!

I don’t understand how people’s dress codes work for each season, I myself am guilty of this before now. Spring brings warm pastels and prints, continuing lighter versions of winter clothing such as light knits, tights and jackets to keep you warm whilst embracing the new season; summer brings bold patterns and bright colours to match the bright contrasting colours that summer brings from flowers, sky, sun and green grass; autumn brings golds, reds, oranges, browns, yellows and jewel colours to match the strong warmth of this beautiful season whilst, like spring, changing into lighter versions of winter clothing to prepare you for the cooler days; winter is… black, apparently.

Why is that when the winter month comes around, all people tend to wear is monotone??? Blacks and greys used to make a heavy appearance in my wardrobe before I transformed back into a girly girl, and now I try to keep it to an absolute minimum (mostly as clubbing clothes because of the edgy look black and grey can give). I’m so glad that now I have plenty of coloured clothing (mostly pastels and lights) to go out in, they make me feel so much happier and give me the pleasant satisfaction that I am standing out from everyone else. Come into winter, everyone will be too cold to dress up and will revert back to being covered head to toe in dull clothing, mostly black, but why!!?? Winter might have a lot of dull days with grey skies, rain and shorter evenings that get dark quickly but why you reflect the negative aspects of winter?? Wearing colourful clothing looks and feels happier, you will feel much better for wearing it instead of blending in with everyone else looking so sad and miserable that they are cold; so here are some winter ideas for your wardrobe inspired by the season itself, and please, PLEASE stop wearing black!!

1) White – Everybody knows that with winter sometimes comes snow; snow is white and bright, not dull, so it is the perfect colour to match with the season!! Wear white on a cool, crisp, dry day not on a day when there is a risk of it being dirtied. White matches almost everything, especially these winter colours that I’m going to share with you; you’ll look cute, girly and soft, but white also matches grey amazingly well too so pair a white knit jumper with a denim skirt and grey knitted tights for an adorable winter chick look!!
ImageImage2) Ice blue – Of course ice is actually transparent but it reflects the pale blue winter sky gorgeously to look even more cold and clean. You’ll want to pick a blue that is both pale and cold to achieve a casual winter look; try to wear it as accessories rather than your main colour.
ImageImage3) Pale pink – What colours does the sky turn when it is going to or has been snowing?? The prettiest shades of pink and peach orange!! Pale pink and white are PERFECT for a real girly winter look; I’ve just bought a gorgeous pale, dusty pink Parka coat with a white wool lining on the collar, it’s so cute!!!ImageImage4) Pale yellow – During the winter, the sun is really pale and it’s always a blessing when it chooses a day to shine; yellow goes perfectly with pink, so why not use subtle yellow in your outfits to warm it up a little like the winter sun that makes the day less harsh!
ImageImage5) Cream/Ivory/Beige – Perfect winter colours that aren’t as bright as white and go with all the colours listed above, and especially grey!!! One of the best colours to wear that are warm, neutral and aren’t overpowering; always reminds me of warm milk on a cold day…mmmm…
ImageImage6) Pale grey – I know grey is monotone but it is a great colour for winter and does match with many of the winter colours!! Pale grey like the sky first thing in the morning or the cold, icy lakes; just make sure you wear it equally or less than other colours, don’t go overboard or you’ll still end up looking dull!!
ImageImageYeah, you can see that I’m really inspired by Asian fashion; really wanted to write about this because I am aiming to keep lots of colour in my wardrobe this winter, I refuse to go back to black like so many other people!! It really hit me when I walked into Newlook and I saw this:
ImageI wanted to shout ‘So dull lah! How am I supposed to look cute in winter wearing the darkest, dullest colour there is! Don’t want to dress like Gothic Lolita for winter TYVM!!’

So join me in this fight against black in winter!!! Colours should be worn all year round, black just makes you more miserable so please, DON’T GO BACK TO BLACK!!!

8 thoughts on “Wear brights for winter – It’s not a dull season!!!

    1. I couldn’t believe it when I walked into Newlook!! Black EVERYWHERE!! I’m a real girly girl, but so hard to find cute pastels and brights when everyone is expected to buy black clothing – so boring!! Hurray for eBay and online shopping!

    1. Hello,

      Sorry I just typed winter clothing into Google but you could type ‘pink coat’ into ebay and I see some similar coats come up!! 🙂

  1. Hi,
    I totally agree with you.

    It seems that as soon as September comes around, so do all the dark, boring colours & also the shop displays.

    I detest the colours black, brown, beige, grey – but mostly brown.

    I love red, yellow, bright pink but I can only find them in the summer.

    Even my house is brightly coloured – no boring magnolia anywhere.:)

    I say – dare to be different & wear bright.:)

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