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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! – Happy birthday to the one and only!!

Yesterday I went on a little road trip with my partner and his mother to Christchurch and then to Bournemouth down by the coast; it was his birthday on Friday but we all worked on it, so he had his little birthday day out yesterday! Anywhere here are some photos of my day!ImageThis is the awesome birthday card I bought my partner’s brother; he has just started university in Falmouth and won’t be home for his birthday so I bought him a card with a surfing hippo on it! Surfing because it’s Falmouth where lots of people go to surf and a hippo because he is studying Zoology; smart yeah, yeah??? Just wanted to share this because it made me smile. Anyway!
ImageImageCastle ruins at Christchurch – has a nice little stream running besides it that the ducks just love to swim in!
ImageMallards and Lady ducks having a nice swim about in the river; quite peaceful and clean area for the animals!
ImagePanoramic photo of Bournemouth near one of the piers! Click to enlarge if you want a closer look!
ImageGorgeous sky and calm sea; the sunlight was really pretty, lighting up the land on the otherside of the shore.
ImageThese little shacks ran all the way down the front of the beach that you could hire to store your stuff or use as a little holiday shack for the day; they were all colours from purples, pinks, oranges and blues! I swear they must’ve bought a Dulux colour chart and used every pot of paint!
ImagePretty carousel with dragon sleighs and rideable ponies! I secretly so badly wanted to have a go on it shhh…
ImageI love the seaside because you get lots of little shops full of rock and seaside sweets!! There was this one shop dedicated to sticks of rock candy!!! The biggest stick is bubblegum flavour (although only faintly tastes like it) and the bottom one as you can see is candy floss!!! Have not tried this one yet but hope it tastes as yummy as it looks!!!
ImageHad hot chocolate at this cocktail bar and cafe; I like palm trees because they make me feel like I’m on holiday, you can see the sea in the background!
ImageThe city centre had these really cool looking buildings above all the shops; I’m sure my partner would know what era these are from but I don’t have a clue.
ImageThis bird was really funny; I don’t know what kind it is but it looked like a giant, fat puff ball thing because he was really round. There was this random avery in the middle of this park which had a lot of birds but this one is by far my favourite because everytime I blew on him he would stick out his neck and open his mouth lol so freggin funny!!
ImageImageMore cute little birds; my partner thought I was cruel because I was using that bit of dried stalk to poke the birds lol but I did not hurt them, they are quite tame and were just attacking it!
ImageImageWalking back along the beach to the car; pretty sunset over the pier at the end there, it was still quite warm and lots of people were still out on the beach but it was very quiet because it wasn’t the warmest of days to be at the beach.
Image*Insert heavenly sound here* The sunlight was lighting up just this one bit of shore in the distance so I decided to snap it because it looked pretty.
ImageOn the way back we went for an Indian which is like my favourite foreign food to eat! If I had to choose a restaurant or order a take-away it would definitely be Indian food; so yummy lah!!
ImageMe and my partner’s mum had Chicken Tikka Bhuna with Pilau rice whilst my partner had Lamb Jalfrezi with Special Pilau rice; so, so yummy!! The food was really good, even the Poppadoms which I don’t normally like, and the service provided was excellent; food came quickly and they were always wandering around keeping an eye on everyone and making sure they were enjoying themselves and had no problems! Apparently they do take-away and the chef had to tell the main desk to stop taking orders because they had ran out of food!!
ImageThis is what the main restaurant looks like; it looks empty but there were a few people there, it’s because the restaurant is quite out of town and once was a Little Chef, so originally was intended for people to stop off and eat whilst travelling, plus it was also like 9pm, so very late to be eating!!

That’s all for my weekend so far, bit more excitment going on but I think it is time to start looking at holidays because now that the summer weather has vanished, for probably another 5-6 years here in the UK, I am not enjoying this shitty weather.

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