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Boys over Flowers – 5 Korean beauties that have distracted me for the past 2 weeks…

I have been majorly distracted by one of the most (if not the most) popular Korean dramas ‘Boys over Flowers’, also known as ‘Boys before Flowers’. I had very little time for anything else since I would work all day, spend time with my boyfriend and then come home with just enough time to watch one episode of this show before bed; it has dominated my life for the past 2 weeks, that was until I FINISHED IT. Boo hoo… T_T

So let me give you a brief introduction of Boys over Flowers…
ImageImageThe story follows high school student Geum Jan-Di (Ku Hye-Sun); the hardworking, headstrong and poor daughter of a dry cleaner who saves a student from committing suicide whilst on an errand. She becomes known as ‘Wonder Girl’ but the company behind the prestigious Shinhwa High School are desperate to keep the media at bay regarding the incident, so offer her a swimming scholarship and a place at the exclusive school. At first she is dead set against attending but with pressure and excitment mounting from her parents, she has no choice but to attend in order to not disappoint them. It isn’t long before Jan Di meets the infamous F4 and her life takes a new direction of love, loss and heart-break…
ImageThe F4 is a group of 4 rich ‘princes’ who are considered by the girls to be walking angels and by the boys as everything they want to be. All the girls scream, all the boys respect, but is it for the right reasons…?
ImageGu Jun-Pyo (Lee Min-Ho) is the leader of the group being the heir of the Shinhwa Company (including the school), he has everyone’s respect whether they want to or not. He is the one who says what goes within the group and within the school; shortly after Geum Jan Di arrives, she hits a rough patch with him when she stands up to his bullying ways. At first he is obsessed with making her life a living misery within the school which includes giving her the red F4 card, but once he is convinced that she has a crush on him, he becomes obsessed with her in other ways…
ImageYoon Ji-Hoo (Kim Hyun-Joong) is the sensitive and kind prince with an extraordinary talent in music who is also the grandson of a former president of Korea; he is an orphan after his parents were killed in a car crash with him being the only survivor. He is originally in love with his old playmate Min Seo-Hyun but he becomes Jan-Di’s protector and first love early on in the story. He has a gift for appearing out of no where at the right time when Jan-Di is in trouble; he cares very little for Jun-Pyo’s pranks and bullying, and therefore has the ability to get Jan-Di out of bad situations that Jun-Pyo is behind. Ji-Hoo is considered by Jun-Pyo as a close friend and brother, but the two hit a rocky road when it comes to Jan-Di…
ImageSo Yi-Jung (Kim Sang-Bum) is considered as the groups Cassanova because of his talent with women; he is also a very skilled potter and his family owns the biggest art museum in the country. He does not develop romantic feelings for Geum Jan-Di but does consider her a close friend and is seen on multiple occasions as being protective over her; he does become close to Jan-Di’s friend Chu Ga-Eul who he helps to get back at her ex-boyfriend and is her first point of contact multiple of times.
ImageSong Woo-Bin (Kim Joon) is known as F4’s Don Juan; his family own a large construction business and also have many important contacts within an underground organisation that Woo-Bin calls upon frequently throughout the story (hinted to be the Mafia). Woo-Bin does not develop romantic feelings towards Jan-Di but is protective of her on multiple occasions much like Yi-Jung; he is rather caring and protective over all of the F4 members, and is very considerate of their happiness.
ImageChu Ga-Eul is Jan-Di’s best friend who works with her at the Porridge shop; the pair’s relationship seems to be rather average at the beginning but thickens throughout as they start to show through as best friends, helping each other in many situations that arise and providing comfort as they go through typical teenage dilemmas. Ga-Eul develops feelings for Yi-Jung over time which aren’t returned immediately; despite being rejected, Ga-Eul makes it her mission to help Yi-Jung find real meaning in his life. Their plot becomes more than a sub-plot in the story compared to other adaptations of the Manga.

This drama is originally taken from the Japanese Shojo Manga ‘Hana Yori Dango’; it has been a massive hit and has other adaptions on screen in other countries but this one seems to have taken the centre stage. Honestly, give it a watch you will instantly fall in love! I was hooked after one episode, thoroughly enjoying Geum Jan-Di’s spunky attitude, Gu Jun-Pyo’s inability to understand the world of relationships and Yoon Ji-Hoo’s soft and sensitive nature (and of course his smile). I watched all of the episodes on http://www.dramaload.net but unfortunately could not find where to properly watch the Boys over Flowers special episodes; I managed to see snippets on Youtube (and also found Jun-Pyo’s episode) but they were of bad quality. I was so bummed when it ended; I cried and laughed multiple times through-out, constantly wondering ‘does this girl EVER not get into trouble???’. I will probably buy the DVD box set for myself at some point, I already have the necklace on the way!

Seriously, anyone who reads this should give this a try; if you can stand watching a film in subtitles (potentially bad subtitles at that) then give this a watch, you will want it to last forever!!

I leave you with a gorgeous picture of Kim Hyun-Joong’s gorgeous smile which you will see throughout the drama – Random fact: Hyun-Joong is the lead singer of Korean boyband SS501.

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