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What’s your ‘Personal Taste’? I like to satisfy mine with a little bit of Lee Min-Ho!

Lee Min-Ho is a great actor, don’t cha think? Ever since I watched BOF, I’ve been hooked on Korean dramas; even though I had watched one and thoroughly enjoyed it, I wasn’t sure if every KDrama would be as good as BOF, so I decided to ease myself in with another one of Lee Min-Ho’s!

Introducing ‘Personal Taste’ (also know as ‘Personal Preference’), an adaptation of Lee Se-In’s novel of the same name about a furniture designer that aired in 2010 on MBC for 16 episodes. This KDrama is a lot shorter than BOF which ran for 25 episodes; so those of you who are interested in giving KDrama a try but don’t want to sit through 25 episodes until you are sure KDrama is for you, then I urge you to give this one a shot!
ImageImageThis story follows self-employed furniture designer Park Gae-In (Son Ye-Jin) who lives in a modernised Hanok (traditional Korean house) called the Sanggojae which was designed by her father, a famous architect; she is a kind, clumsy, impulsive, naive, and a complete slob who is trying to make it in the big world of design. She has been dating long-term boyfriend Han Chang-Ryul despite being taken for granted and constantly stood up; one day, with no real explanation, he breaks up with her claiming that she is not a woman but a girl to him, a burden who he considers a ‘rain-drenched puppy’. Heart-broken Gae-In decides to push on and is invited to her long-term friend’s wedding but it all ends in mayhem when she discovers that her best friend Kim In-Hee is to be married to no other than Chang-Ryul who dumped her only the day before! Gae-In is determined to never take a chance on a man ever again despite being crushed; everything is falling apart as the furniture contracts fall through, loan sharks send warning notices, and her father is due home from England earlier than expected. With no real form of income and so many problems, Gae-In feels that nothing will ever get better, that is until Jeon Jin-Ho shows up…
ImageJeon Jin-Ho (Lee Min-Ho) is an architect who is desperately trying to keep his small firm afloat by attempting to win the project bid for the DAM Art Centre, however is struggling as he battles it out with Future Construction, the prestigious company owned and operated by Chang-Ryul’s father. In order to have a shot at winning, Jeon Jin-Ho’s last tactic is to find out about the art centre’s Director’s favourite building, the Sanggojae, which has never once been open to the public. Fortunately there is a room for rent as Gae-In is desperate to get some form of money in, as well as keep In-Hee out; she is persuaded by her friend to take him in with the misunderstanding, from previous encounters, that he is gay and that it is therefore okay for a man to live alone with a woman. Once Jin-Ho has access to Sanggojae, he launches his mission into finding out the secrets within the mysterious building to help him win the prize bid for the DAM Art Centre. During his stay, he also begins a project with Gae-In to transform her from slob to lady to enable her to seek revenge on Chang-Ryul and prove to him that she is perfectly fine without him. However, during this time the man who is pretending to be gay in order to retain access to the Sanggojae and the woman who believes her housemate could never see her as a woman, begin to develop feelings for one another…
ImageHan Chang-Ryul (Kim Ji-Seok) was Gae-In’s long-term boyfriend, that was until he decided to ‘fall’ for Kim In-Hee, Gae-In’s best friend of 10 years and housemate. After a month of seeing each other behind her back, the two prepare to get married; Gae-In is of course invited to the wedding but In-Hee commands that he takes care of Gae-In by telling her the real reason why they are breaking up, and therefore the reason why she cannot attend the wedding. However, cowardly Chang-Ryul breaks up with her only the day before the wedding but still does not tell her the real reason why; Gae-In of course does not receive his late night message or sees the invitation that he cowardly slips through the gate, and ends up attending the wedding only to discover that he is In-Hee’s secret groom at her sudden wedding! Chang-Ryul and In-Hee’s wedding quickly comes to an end with her driving off in the honeymoon vehicle and taking over the honeymoon house; after he lied to her, she feels she cannot trust him after failing to do the one task she set him. She furiously locks him out of her life even though Chang-Ryul is desperate for them to still be together; after finally realising that in-Hee’s rejection is sincere, he then realises that all along Gae-In was the one for him, but the task of winning her back whilst she is undergoing a revenge makeover is going to be difficult…
ImageKim In-Hee (Wang Ji-Hye) is a selfish, vain and cold character; after some reason caused her to leave home, she was taken in by Gae-In whom she has been friends with for a long time (totalling to 10 years). At some point Kim In-Hee states that Gae-In was always too nice and giving, and so decided to, just once, take advantage and steal something from her, this being Chang-Ryul whom she had fallen for through Gae-In’s imagination. The two made it to their wedding day but after Chang-Ryul fails to properly break up with Gae-In and stop her from coming to the wedding, she realises that he is a coward and leaves him. Throughout the plot she finds herself attracted to Jin-Ho, mainly because Gae-In said that she would never have a chance with him; In-Hee however does not believe that Jin-Ho is gay and is there to constantly remind him that she sees him as a man. Jin-Ho is never swayed by her constant persuing, and only meets with her because she is the Director’s personal assistant, whom he is trying to impress to gain the DAM Art Gallery bid; but that doesn’t mean In-Hee won’t do anything to get what she wants…

Lee Young-Sun (Jo Eun-Ji) is Gae-In’s friend who supports her throughout; she has a rather feisty attitude and is rather set in her ways. She manages to convince Gae-In to rent the room to Jin-Ho being under the impression that he is gay, despite Gae-In’s reluctance; when she discovers that Jin-Ho is in fact straight and has feelings for Gae-In, she makes it her mission to set up perfect opportunities for them to confess their feelings to one another.

Noh Sang-Jun (Jung Sung-Hwa) is Jin-Ho’s work colleague and pretend gay partner; he becomes rather close to Lee Young-Sun as her ‘gay friend’ and helps her to set up opportunities for Jin-Ho and Gae-In. However, despite his kind nature he is very set on his goal which is to win the DAM Art Gallery bid and therefore goes out of his way to ensure they get everything they need to create the perfect entry. Unfortunately his determination and selfishness for the project ends up back-firing, causing a lot of mayhem.

I really liked Personal Taste because it had the right amount of moments to make you laugh, gasp, cry and smile; even though I absolutely loved BOF, I did feel towards the end that nagging feeling of ‘hurry up and just make the ending happy already!’ I felt like there was only so many times this girl could get in trouble and make the perfect opportunity when her knight saves her/appears to sort everything out but nope; luckily there was a twist right at the end that kept me hanging on! This drama however is very down to earth, I found it more heart-warming than funny and omg, be prepared for Kim In-Hee to do your head in so much you want to stab her in the neck and claw those pretty eyes out of her face!!! I’ll leave the rest for you to decide; I really enjoyed this one, unfortunately you quickly forget the plot line and happenings of the last KDrama you watched and this one quickly became my favourite, that was until I watched this next one and now I just don’t know!! They are all so good!!

16 thoughts on “What’s your ‘Personal Taste’? I like to satisfy mine with a little bit of Lee Min-Ho!

    1. Me too! I’m getting sucked in, I don’t know why I didn’t bother to check them out earlier; they are taking over my life!! 😀

    1. I liked it too, it was so sweet; and I felt like there was something unique and different about the storyline unlike others I’ve watched 🙂

    1. Lol Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo will always be my favourite; haven’t seen City Hunter yet but it is high on my list, but I just finished watching ‘Faith’ (Lee Min Ho as General Choi Young) which is a rather serious drama so am currently watching one that is more light-hearted before City Hunter. 🙂

    1. Gu Jun Pyo is awesome! Unfortunately Lee Min Ho is too busy to know all of his fans and whether they exist.. Such a shame haha.

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