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Anyone hungry? Let’s eat Ramyun! (That’s Ramen btw…)

Yeah Ramyun is Ramen in Korea, who knew!??

You guys know from the post below about my horrific skin condition that I am suffering with and therefore my lack of camwhoring *sadface*, but I am still going to post about people with perfect, flawless skin! That’s right, I’m talking about Koreans; a few weeks ago I finished watching a KDrama that I think has come 2nd in my list of KDramas!

Introducing: Flower Boy Ramyun/Ramen Shop!!
ImageImageI was pretty sceptical when I started watching this, maybe it was because Lee Min-Ho was no where to be seen and I was all like ‘No Lee Min-Ho!!?? This show be rubbish lah no doubt!!’ But I was SO wrong; so very, very wrong!! Omg this show made me laugh so much, especially at the end; I just love Eun-Bi, she is such a lovely, pretty character and I love the way she tries to act all cute and girly when she says ‘Oppa’ and she’s all like *squee squee squee* (watch it then you’ll understand what I mean).

This show aired in 2011 on cable channel tvN and ran for 16 episodes, also under the international name ‘Cool Guys, Hot Ramen’; much like Personal Taste, if you are unsure of KDrama then I guarantee that you will enjoy the light-hearted humour and Chi-Soo’s many funny expressions, for your KDrama trial yeah, go now!!!

This story is about a girl who dreams of being a teacher, living on a government wage packet and having her own place; her life is turned upside down when she meets Cha Chi-Soo and she is quickly forced to reorganise her life, leaving her to open her father’s ramyun business and live with 4 handsome guys…ImageYang Eun-Bi (Lee Chung-Ah) is a 26 year old university student desperate to become a teacher and move forward in her life with a government wage packet; she visits a fortune teller who reads her tarot cards and tells her that she will meet a man who will make her hear bells. Disappointed that the reading was unhelpful in helping her to know whether or not she will pass her civil service exams, she continues on and successfully becomes a student teacher. In a rather unusual situation she meets Cha Chi-Soo, who she is attracted to before she discovers that he is a high school student that not only attends the high school that she has started teaching at but is also a student of the homeroom class she teaches. She begins to despise him for his arrogance and lack of empathy; it is his fault that she also loses her chance of becoming a teacher when she acts out against his spoilt and childish ways, and her life takes an even bigger turn when her father passes away. Before she knows it, her dream life has slipped through her fingers; she ends up living with 3 men and restarting her father’s ramyun business with the help of Kang-Hyuk, her ‘husband’, who made her father a promise to take care of the business, which was left to him, and Eun-Bi, whom he hoped would marry Kang-Hyuk. However, when Chi-Soo realises that for some unknown reason he can’t stay away from Eun-Bi, he becomes a part of the ramyun shop business and causes heaps of trouble, not only for Eun-Bi but everyone else too…
ImageCha Chi-Soo (Jung Il-Woo) is the 19 year old arrogant heir to the biggest food conglomerate in South Korea, newly home after his failed attempt to attend a school in New York; he has an easy charm and good looks that facinates women, and attends the high school that his company owns. After meeting Yang Eun-Bi, he becomes obsessed with her but rather than understanding his interest as romantic, he believes it is an obsession fuelled by anger and humilation that she caused him; when he finally realises that he is attracted to her, and possibly in love, he competes for her affections against Kang-Hyuk, who has also developed feelings for her. His life also takes a turn around when his father, who disagrees with his son’s attractions to Eun-Bi, begins to cut him off from everything and is determined to use the possible distruction of the ramyun shop in the hope that Chi-Soo will realise his wrong doings and return to him, leaving Eun-Bi. Chi-Soo does leave the shop and Eun-Bi in the hope that his father will not cause further damage to the people he has become attached to…
ImageChoi Kang-Hyuk (Lee Ki-Woo) is a Japanese chef who arrives to fulfil the promise he made to Yang Eun-Bi’s father; he promised to take care of the business which was left to him, and to take care of Eun-Bi, as her father secretly hoped that they would get married. Kang-Hyuk goes about taking care of the business and likes to refer to her as ‘Wife’, and over time develops feelings for her as he looks out for her. He’s a simple character who sweeps into the storyline and fits perfectly, but he has a much bigger part than we all suspect…
ImageKim Ba-Wool (Park Min-Woo) is a close friend of Eun-Bi and refers to her as ‘Noona’ (a Korean term used by guys when they are referring to an older female friend that they are close to, much like ‘Oppa’ used by females to close male friends); he is known as the ‘Crazy Rooster’ in school and hangs out with a bunch of misfit friends wherever he sees fit, though the noodle snack shack owned by Eun-Bi’s father is a popular choice to hang out at. When the ramyun shop is reopened, Ba-Wool becomes an employee and moves in with Eun-Bi and Kang-Hyuk; his storyline follows his romance with Yoon So-Yi and the many conflicts he faces with Chi-Soo.
Image(Couldn’t find a decent picture of him by himself unfortunately, so we’ll add an extra gorgeous smile in the frame) – Woo Hyun-Woo (Yoon-Woo Jo) originally was a waiter in another cafe but was also roped into being employed and living with Kang-Hyuk; he is currently running from loan sharks because of his father’s debts and the ramyun shop has become a bit of a safe haven for him. He becomes a close friend of Ba-Wool, and is considered a kind and innocent soul by Eun-Bi; he is also a good friend of Chi Soo and attempts to help him with regards to his confused feelings for Eun-Bi.
ImageYoon So-Yi (Ho Soo) is a ballet dancer who attends a girls school and is the girlfriend of Ba-Wool; she is not considered highly by Eun-Bi who is protective over Ba-Wool because she is also dating Chi-Soo for the simple reason that he is good looking and rich. However when she learns that Ba-Wool is close to Eun-Bi and considers her his ‘Noona’, her jealously helps her to understand Ba-Wool’s feelings and teaches her that being faithful to one person is less hurtful.

This KDrama had some really funny moments, I cried a lot less at this drama than I did with both PT and BOF because there were more funny and happy moments. Eun-Bi is such a funny character and Chi-Soo’s expressions are hilarious!! I was upset when this ended but it has definitely hit 2nd place, with BOF being 1st and PT being 3rd! I love the music from this show too, every time I watch a KDrama my iPod playlist gets longer with songs and they make me so happy! At some point I think I’ll do a playlist post… Anyway I leave you with some funny FBRS expressions!

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