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I just donated – donate now and you could help someone today!

The world news of this week has been many things, but the biggest headline was the destruction caused and the havoc left by Typhoon Haiyan; thousands upon thousands of people have been left homeless, with no form of shelter and no fresh food or water. These people are looking at a lengthy time of having their homeland in ruins with no where to call home; thousands have been confirmed dead, many bodies left unidentified.

Although we cannot help the dead, we can help those who are struggling to survive at this moment, battling against the basics such as hunger, thirst, warmth and hygiene; their life is in such chaos right now that they don’t even have time to grieve properly for those that they have lost. All of the aid, such as soap and basic food, that was held back previously has already been used; within moments of hearing the news, people kindly donated towards the costs of sending aid out to those people in the Philippines, as much as £1.5 million was donated via the website with immediate effect, now totalling to as much as £13 million within 24 hours. Over 11 million people affected, at least 700,000 left homeless are in desperate need of our help.

You can donate via Paypal and choose the ‘other’ option to donate your chosen amount – someone out there could wake up knowing they will be able to eat that day with the help of your donation: http://www.dec.org.uk/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PPC&utm_term=DEC&utm_content=Brand%20Terms&utm_campaign=Philippines&gclid=COGNxrax5boCFfLHtAod2l8ASA

If everyone took the time to donate, they could help make someone’s life easier; those 2 minutes you took to donate could give 2 minutes extra help to someone in need – ‘Many small people, in many small places, do many small things that can alter the face of the world.’

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