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Why I love this time of the year!! ♥

Just felt like writing a post about why I love, love, LOVE this time of the year – besides the fact that it is jam packed.

1) Halloween – I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! I love the atmosphere, I love how kids have this excuse to dress up and go a bit crazy, and eat as many sweets as they like! I love how it brings people together, it’s an excuse for parties, and the best Halloween movie ever comes on TV; HOCUS POCUS!!
Image2) November 4th – IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Always an exciting time of the year for me of course!! I get some lovely gifts, spend time with my family (or in this case had a halloween party for it as well) and everyone has to be nice to me for a day – Introducing my gorgeous best friend of 11 years!
Image3) November 5th – Bonfire night here in the UK; I don’t attend many shows but I do like to watch the fireworks that shoot up around the house. When my boyfriend was in University, there was a part of the train ride that took you higher than the buildings and you could see the fireworks really clearly all across the city!!

4) November 8th – Limelight runs real short in my family during the November period; no sooner has it been my birthday than suddenly everyone is turning their attention to the next person, in this case my sister. I love her to pieces, usually we see each other the weekend of my birthday or hers, and quite often we will do something that celebrates our birthdays together; last year we went to Thorpe Park!!
Image5) November 12th – Have you caught on yet?? Yup, that’s right it’s another birthday!! This time it is my brother’s; again this can tie into celebrations with me and my sister, and another reason for us all to hang out and make fun of each other.

6) November 16th – Must you even ask??? It’s my Nan’s birthday!!! Probably the strongest, loveliest person I know. At the age of 69 she was still treking in the woods with her trusty companion (who unfortunately had to be laid to rest last year due to old age and health problems) Duke, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier; I always said she was as strong as an Ox, in mind, body and spirit, and that when I am her age, I hope I am like that too. Here’s her late best friend, Duke.
Image7) November 16th-onwards – The atmosphere starts to change rapidly into a christmassy theme EVERYWHERE. The lights go up and get turned on, Santa starts coming around the housing estates during the evening, Santa’s Grottos start appearing, trees are decorated and the shops music changes! I love visiting garden centres at this time as they usually have an ice skating rink out, and all the decorations set out in a displays; sometimes they bring reindeer in to pet!! I also love going to the city nearby as they have the German Christmas Market out which sells lots of wonderful food and snacks!!! This is also the time of year to invest in a onesie, a pair of fluffy socks or fluffy slippers/boots, a christmas romance novel, hot chocolate and hats!!
Image8) December 1st – This is a special day for my family as it is my mother’s birthday; she passed away when I was 14 on the 30th November which was mega unfortunate as her birthday is the 1st December. Every year we go up to this hill that overlooks the town and lay yellow roses (her favourite flower) down to remember her. This might seem sad, but we use it as a positive occassion for the main family (my dad, me, my brothers and my sister) to go up and laugh about each other nearly falling down the hill, stepping in sheep poo, or in my sister’s case, getting her heel stuck in the mud =_=’ and how mum would tell us we are all stupid for putting our lives at risk putting flowers on the hill and how we haven’t wrapped up warm enough. Afterwards we usually go for a meal together and toast to her; it’s a nice way to celebrate and say happy birthday to her, it has become a tradition that we do every year without fail.
Image9) 24th-26th December – Well duh, it’s Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day!! Who doesn’t love these days?? Another reason to share a little love, spend time with the family and make some memories!
Image10) Parties – Whether it’s an early christmas party or a new years party; someone in my friendship group usually has a party where we get together, catch up (especially if they have been away to University) and get smashed. This also has been tradition and has been at the same house for the past however many years; lots of photos get taken, someone might be sick or cry, but we always end the night smiling and around some of the best people I have ever met.
I’m supposed to insert a photo here but I haven’t got any… suitable ones…

That’s all for my favourite parts of this time of the year!! So much going on, it really is nackering; I wonder who else has a November as busy as me???

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