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My exhausting weekend – and why I am now having a sick day due to exhaustion!

I didn’t get a days rest and working full time during the week everyday can cause you to become over exhausted; I am currently having a sick day because I am so drained and knew that I couldn’t go another 5 days of waking up early, struggling to sleep on time, travelling and working 8 hours every day.

Anyway, let’s start with Saturday; I went shopping with my brother’s girlfriend in the nearby city, actually my boyfriend’s old hometown whilst he was at University, for christmas presents and just shopping for ourselves (massive Primark there). I took her to Forbidden Planet where she got herself a BMO beanie and some other gifts (shhh).
ImageYou can get a lot of Nerdy stuff at Forbidden Planet; everything from Adventure Time, Pokemon, Star Wars, Marvel and DC, Harry Potter, LOTR and The Hobbit, Doctor Who, Minecraft, The Big Bang Theory, Studio Ghibli, DVD goods, comics and Manga books! Are you interested?? Go check out the website!

We then walked down to the nearby Mall to get some food at the food court; we got pizza and chips, noms! We then continued to walk about where she spent a ton of money in just the second shop we had been in!! It was a lovely shop, full of sparkly jewel encrusted ornaments; lots of buddhas, dream catchers, incenses, oils and jewellery (what I would imagine hippies being interested in).
ImagePretty, giant christmas baubles; just below was a hanging Santa and sleigh with Reindeer that looked like it was flying, and the ground floor was a Santa’s grotto!

We browsed through the German Market before making our way to Primark; we spent 3 or so hours in there just shopping for ourselves! I know this seemed naughty to spend so much money on ourselves before Christmas but it’s the closest Primark to me and I had been dying to go for ages to stock up on bits and pieces! I spent £65.90 on myself, which I thought would be a lot more but I can deal with that.
ImageImageImageSome pictures of the christmas market stalls; they are always so pretty and really done up, the stall where German hot dogs and beer was sold was really big, I guess after last year they realised that they needed more seating areas.

We did some more shop browsing before finally heading off home; I don’t think I properly sat down until 21:30 and we left 12 hours before! Feet were sore, arms were sore but I got a pretty good haul (though not as much as my friend, but most of her’s were presents)…
ImageStarting from the left to the right we have…

  1. Cheeky Miffy hotpants
  2. Care Bears hotpants
  3. Witch Hazel face mask
  4. Snow Fairy Lush shower gel
  5. Pure…Voices CD set
  6. Pure…80’s Music CD set
  7. Hippy purse
  8. Hippy stone bracelet
  9. Hippy miniature incense set
  10. Strawberry Pocky Sticks x2 (Note: I love Asian snacks but these were disgusting!)
  11. Pack of 4 lace waistband briefs x2
  12. Adventure Time badges
  13. Adventure Time mystery figurine
  14. Body Shop Tea Tree lotion
  15. Baby’s Santa onesie


  1. My Little Pony crop top
  2. Black high waisted shorts
  3. Purple maroon lace vest top
  4. Gold butterfly headband
  5. Fluffy faux fur ears hat


  1. My Little Pony Princess Sparkles top
  2. Black and White velvet design dress
  3. Gold foil Japanese temple vest top (which I lurve!!)

ImageImageClose ups… The Japanese top reads ‘Matsumoto Sakura’. There was another MLP top that was white, bright and colourful BUT STAINED BY HORRID FOUNDATION MARKS ARGH.
ImageI also got myself some pink slippers from Primark and they match my expensive pink and white striped pyjamas!

Yesterday me and my family went to our special hill to lay down roses for my mum; we weren’t there very long as we had a tight schedule that day but every time we go up there we always forget how far you can see. One of the best places we could’ve placed her I think!

We then went to my aunt’s house for an early christmas day as my aunt who is visiting from America will be leaving tomorrow so it was a chance for her to experience another christmas with us. It was another exhausting day and I wasn’t in a 100% good mood anyway; as the day went on though my mood lifted and I ended up attempting the gangnam style dance with my friend who had learned the dance. Overall it was a typical family day with the girls changing their outfits into princess/dance dresses, dancing and balloon fights, but I was so glad to get home though not glad to get hit by this horrid drained feeling the next day.

That’s my weekend; tiring, long and uncomfortable. To make matters worse my dad has just enforced that I clean the bathroom today as payback for him collecting my parcels from the delivery office… *sigh* such is life…

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