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Having Faith in this KDrama was worth it!

Omg me and my cheesey titles huh?? Lol. Anyway as you know I’ve been watching another KDrama (my 4th!!!), and this was another long one but I really enjoyed it!!!

Introducing: Faith!!
ImageImageImageFaith (also known as The Great Doctor) is a period drama set in the Goreyo era; it was broadcast by SBS in 2012 for 24 episodes, and is more of a serious drama than the previous ones I’ve watched.

It is about a modern day cosmetic/plastic surgeon who gets kidnapped and is taken back to the Goreyo era, 700 years in the past, to save the Queen who had suffered a fatal attack; there she meets and falls in love with the leader of the Royal Guard, but her status as a Heaven Person has many more people interested in her than just the Commanding General..
ImageYoo Eun-Soo (Kim Hee-Sun) is a 33 year-old cosmetic surgeon in the modern era of 2012; she used to be a general surgeon but quickly found out that it was over-worked and underpaid, so instead leapt into plastic surgery. Her dream is to open her own cosmetic practice and become rich, however she is struggling to achieve this whilst being weighed down with debt. One day, a man she believes is a drama extra due to his costume, kidnaps her and takes her 700 years into the past of the Goreyo era in order to save the Queen who has suffered a fatal attack to her neck. Having been a general surgeon, Eun-Soo is able to save the Queen and from then on is considered by all as a Heaven Person, potentially the apprentice of the famous Chinese surgeon Hwata. She was promised by the solider who kidnapped her that if she saved the Queen, he would return her to her world; however upon reaching the gate, the King orders that she remain in their land to help him in his position as King. The gate closes and Eun-Soo is stuck in another time; she is appointed Head Doctor and her story quickly spreads throughout Goreyo, alerting the attention of many, especially those hungry for power…
ImageGeneral Choi Young (Lee Min-Ho) is the Commanding Captain/General of the Woodalchi army, a Royal Guard that personally protect the King. He was once a member of the Red Moon, a group of skillful soldiers that were respected by some and feared by many; his father, also his teacher and leader of the Red Moon, was killed by a predecessor of the current King after protecting Choi Young’s betrothed from being stabbed. Shortly after the death of his father, he also had to come to terms with the loss of his betrothed when she hung herself from the guilt of losing their leader in her place. Since then Choi Young has lived a life of no regrets, no real ambition, no care for money or women, who isn’t afraid of death, and has amazing loyalty. He is ordered to find a doctor from Heaven and so passes through the gate to modern day Seoul, where he finds Eun-Soo and kidnaps her. After being ordered to stop her from leaving their land, he is stabbed by Eun-Soo during her fit of upset; she manages to bring him back to life and have him fully recover to the amazement of everyone else. He then takes it upon himself to protect her from all those after her, and to his surprise finds himself falling in love once more…
ImagePrince of the Court, Ki Cheol (Yoo Oh-Sung) is a power hungry person, set on getting whatever he wants; he has a group of ‘pledged’ brothers and sister who do most of his dirty work whilst he sits back making the plans. Whilst the King has been kept in Yuan, he had gained much power and many connections amongst important persons within Goreyo making him a feared figure and difficult competition to the King. Ki Cheol is set on getting everything, but upon the King’s arrival things start to slip from his grasp; he then discovers the High Doctor and sets out with everything in his power to get her, however being the most protected person besides the King and Queen, this isn’t easy and despite having her in his grasp more than once, he never manages to keep hold of her. Very quickly he becomes desperate, realising that it is possibly due to the fact that it is because he cannot have her no matter what he does, but that doesn’t stop him trying…
ImageKing Gongmin (Ryu Deok-Hwan) is the current King of Goreyo; having just married a Princess of Yuan, he returns to Goreyo followed by his ever loyal guard Choi Young. He is young and rather weak, but with Choi Young on his side he is not only fully protected but also has someone to help guide him and carry out important tasks that help maintain his position as King. He is forever concerned with how he is perceived by his people whilst trying to look after his people like a good King, at the same time as protecting his position from Ki Cheol, and later on, others who are after the throne and his nation…
ImageQueen Noguk (Park Se-Young) is a former Yuan Princess; having met the King before he knew of her identity, the two grew rather close but this was shattered when he realises that the girl is the Yuan Princess who he is destined to marry, an idea which disgusted him. A rift was then created in their relationship, it appears that they hold very much dislike for one another; the King however, orders Choi Young to enter the magical gate to find a doctor from heaven who could heal her when they are ambushed and she suffers a slash to the neck. Eun-Soo is capable of healing her and providing the after-care, and the Queen is able to fully recover; over time the relationship between her and the King become strong as they fall in love, she becomes the most important figure in his life and she is constantly by his side to listen to his problems and comfort him. She builds a strong friendship with Eun-Soo who not only provides her with homemade soaps and cosmetics, but also advice on her relationship with the King; she is a very compassionate person, and cares immensely about the High Doctor and Choi Young.
ImageThe Woodalchi soliders are close to Choi Young and loyal to him; although the Woodalchi warriors consist of 50+, these are the main companions of the General and Eun-Soo.
ImageDr Jang-Bin (Lee Phillip) is the Royal Doctor; he becomes Eun-Soo’s teacher and, technically, best friend. At some point she describes him as her only friend and the only person who could understand her in this world.
ImageHwa Soo-In (Eung Jung-Shin) is Ki Cheol’s pledged sister; she is always seen with her pledged brother, Cheon Eum-Ja. Together they do the majority of Ki Cheol’s outside work; she has a dark playful nature and uses fire as her weapon.
ImageCheon Eum-Ja (Hoon Sung) is Ki Cheol’s pledged brother; often seen with Hwa Soo-In, the pair cause a lot of trouble together in the attempt to get the High Doctor. He has excellent hearing and often uses the power of sound to attack his enemies, but his flute has a hidden short sword in for close combat.

So that’s is all of the main characters that I can think of… since this is a period drama the cast is huge! Some of the characters are really cool and I love that a lot of the characters have a big and important role in it even though they are not major characters. The ending for this drama was really nice, and the tenderness between the two is so sweet; once again Lee Min-Ho’s acting skills really shine through, and Kim Hee-Sun’s beauty and kind character really capture your attention. I thought that this drama was really good, but now I think it is time for some comedy; I’m not saying that I didn’t laugh, cry, frown or shout out at this drama, but it is the most serious drama I have watched due to the nature of it being a historical period drama, I think I am ready for some crazy comedy and romance now!!

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