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It’s nearly Christmas!!! ♥

I’m so excited!! Are you? Have you finished all of your shopping yet!?? I HAVE!! For once I am organised, and this year we weren’t even supposed to be doing presents!! We all put our ‘Christmas list’ totalling to £40 in a bag where we each drew one out; you spend the £40 on that person by buying what they asked for! That way everyone gets a present without going overboard, but it got out of hand when I bought one person a present and with the intention of not making anyone feel more loved than others, got everyone a present =_=”.

I have given out all of my Christmas cards and wrapped all of the presents that are now sitting under the tree (there is no room for anyone else to place their presents)!! I’m too excited to give them out, I want to do it now and see everyone smile; I’m too excited to spend a lovely day being Christmassy, enjoying good company, eating good food and watching movies!! Why can’t it be Christmas everyday?? Well, we’d all be skint is a good answer.

Work is making this week even more difficult to bear because it is going slooooow!! However, it is not long now until the end of the week so just need to grit my teeth and bear it; next week I (hopefully) will have many days off and half days due to the Christmas period which means lots of time to rest up before the New Year (which btw I am totally looking forward too because I’m really going to make something of it)! Have you thought of your New Year’s resolution yet?? Have you got anything planned for the year 2014? I can’t say whether or not everything I want to happen will, but I do have a good idea of what I want 2014 to be like; it’s good to be positive!!! I’ll probably do a post closer to the time with my New Year’s plans and promises, it’s not often I get such a strong idea of what I want.

Back to Christmas, I baked Christmas cookies last Saturday which consisted of no failed cookies, standing from 11:30am-5:30pm straight with no sitting breaks, and a very exhausted me by the end; I did not know baking could be so time consuming and tiring!! I stupidly bought a ton of ingredients because the recipe I originally looked at said that it only made a batch of 6; me thinking I wanted many to share went ahead and bought too much, and then uploaded a recipe which actually made 24 in a batch =_=”. The recipe was good, the cookies were really nice and my sister was jealous of me for once as she has been trying to make Christmas cookies for the past 2 weeks but that they weren’t as good as mine which were perfect and she hated me. Ofc I’m so nice yeah, I gave her the recipe!! So damn good of me to be sharing my secrets!!! Psst… it’s this recipe – http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/christmasbiscuits_93733

After my tiring day of cookie making, I missed out on seeing my nephew for the first time because I wasn’t feeling too good (which I now realise is side effect of nausea from my contraceptive pill), which resulted in me missing him have his second ever solid food feed!!! He’s only something like 4 1/2 months but they wouldn’t be doing it if they didn’t think it was okay; I know his body has been using every bit of the breast milk as he hasn’t been pooping for days so maybe it is a sign that his stomach is ready to take on light smooth foods such as baby rice. I saw a video that my dad took of him sat in the bouncer being fed and he would get some in his mouth and suddenly be very happy and start smiling; I think my sister is unsure of whether he is actually digesting any of it or whether he is just enjoying the new cool texture in his mouth. Still, SO CUTE AND I MISSED IT!!! T^T

Anyway, not much going on but I am so excited for 2014; I am going to completely change my life around and really start focusing on living it. Hopefully a lot will change for the better, and my life will be even more interesting to write about!!!

Abrupt end of post.

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