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Another photo post!

It’s that time again when I purge my phone of photos that shows a peep into my life and what I get up to!
ImageI ate jelly babies and then sent a photo to my brother to make him jealous 🙂 Soooo yummy, I had mega cravings for these!!
ImageDownloaded a game called Robot Unicorn Attack 2; basically your unicorn just runs through this level full of stars you must break down and large jumps you must make, and it’s to see how far you can get. The more ‘wishes’ you collect, the better you can customise your unicorn and you can even add boosts; unfortunately I paid £1.38 to be able to make my unicorn better because I couldn’t wait and then the game crashed!! No matter how many times I turn off my phone, delete it and reinstall it, it doesn’t work and I can’t play it!! I was so sad, I downloaded the first one but it is no where near as good!!
ImageChicken noodle soup made by my dad’s girlfriend because he had a dental operation and couldn’t eat very well; it was rather good but I wasn’t too fond of the bland chicken chunks… don’t worry she knows it…
ImageAmazingly yummy and rich chocolate mousse pudding/dessert thingy that my boyfriend’s mother bought from Marks & Spencers; it was soooo freggin good…
ImageChristmas cookies I made a couple Saturdays ago; I was stood from 11:30-17:30 without any sitting breaks or food I was so busy!! I made so many and in the end I couldn’t ice all of them; this was a photo I posted on my Instagram. They are gingerbread men shaped biscuits with orange coloured and orange flavoured icing with jelly tot buttons! I didn’t actually get to try one but my dad absolutely loved them; he complimented me on them yesterday saying they were perfect, I don’t think that has happened before!! And it was my first ever try!! You can find the recipe I used in the post before this one 🙂
ImageWatched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on TV the other day; I always forget how small Seamus is in the beginning, so small and cute!! Currently watching The Order of the Phoenix on TV atm; such damn good movies!!!
ImageLast Saturday our power went out because we were having gale force winds and rain outside; we’re not sure why it went out but the candles came out until we decided to go to bed, when the power decided to come back on again!
ImageMy mega unhealthy lunch alongside chocolate milkshake; the christmas buffet for our office was set out on Monday and naturally we scoffed straight away!!
ImagePREPARE YOURSELF FOR ULTIMATE CUTENESS. This is my nephew Harry having tummy time!!! My sister posted it on facebook and I nearly fell out my chair; he looks like he is really enjoying himself, how can someone look so damn cute and cheeky at the same time??? Such a cheeky little monkey, love him so much and so excited for his first christmas because he is at the age where he is understanding a lot more now, being able to hold things and laugh… ♥♥♥
ImageThe other day I was on my way home from work and it was so windy I had difficulty holding onto my umbrella; when suddenly, 5 minutes from home, my umbrella blew in backwards so hard that it broke all the spokes. I got absolutely soaked and laughed hysterically all the way home, people in their cars must’ve thought I was mad!!!
ImageMy friend shared this picture on facebook and it made me laugh so much on the train because it is so true!! I do this every time!!
ImageAn avatar of myself that I made on some kawaii app thingy; I was bored and I often download random things to pass the time.
ImageMade this one for my best friend; it’s supposed to be her, I put the ‘happy birthday’ caption on there because it was her birthday on the 19th.

Anywho, here are some camwhore shots of me that have been taken here and there; lucky for beauty apps otherwise these wouldn’t be possible!!!
ImageImageImageImageImageImageThat’s it for today, my phone gets clogged up very quickly with all these! Peace out y’all!! ♥

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