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Happy New Year and the year 2014 so far…

I have been looking forward to the year 2014 for a little while now because I have got ideas in my head to make this the best year yet!! My new year resolutions are:

  1. Spend less money on materialistic items and more on earning life experiences.
  2. To be more adventurous in my life.
  3. To be more thankful for my family, opportunities and experiences.

It also includes a list of things that I would like to do this year, my number one thing to do is to go to Seoul, South Korea like I have been dying to for ages. I managed to get my friend re-aboard the idea by saying that she only needs to pay for her ticket and spending money, that I had enough to cover hotel rooms, foods and entrance fees to many attractions (which btw over in Korea are relatively cheap compared to the UK!!!) I also bribed her by promising to take her to the Hello Kitty cafe in Hongdae, Seoul!!
ImageSo far, all year 2014 has brought me is hope, doubt and confusion, whilst bringing the UK terrible weather resulting in mass flooding. Next week is when everything will start; whilst I have stopped the festive snacking, returning to proper eating times and healthier foods, next week is when the rest of my to do list for next year comes into practice when everything, including my long weeks of work (back to 5 days!! T^T), goes back to normal.

Already my boyfriend’s University friends, whom he hasn’t seen since last July, have decided that we get together soon; the main reason being that ‘The Room’ is being shown in London and that Tommy Wiseau himself will be there!! I have mentioned ‘The Room’ in one of my much earlier blog posts, where me and my friends sat around drinking to certain parts of the movie such as when certain things were said or seen; it is considered a ‘cult movie’ much like the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’, one that hasn’t been seen by many but does have a following. Tommy Wiseau wrote, funded, directed and acted the main character in the movie himself, and it has been considered one of the worst films ever released; why am I going to see one of the worst films ever released in London you ask??? Well apart from the fact that Tommy Wiseau will be there in person, the film is SO BAD it’s GOOD. If you have a sense of humour like we do, you will find that because things are so badly done or is so ridiculously dramatic and stupid, that it becomes hilarious. It was one of those things we all had a connection with, that we enjoyed together as a group and was the perfect excuse for us to get together and spend a day in London!! I don’t live near London, I live in the South West so this is going to be a fun adventure for me; at first I was like, ‘why would I want to go and see that?’ but following my resolution, spending that money on a day out in London with my friends to see something unique, is just what I’m meant to be doing as of now. So I agreed, the tickets are booked and I now have something to look forward to next month!!
ImageAnother thing I am looking forward to this month, is Hyper Japan!! I had heard about it but looked into it for the first time last year when it was currently on at the time; I made a promise to myself to go, and take my friend (who I am also taking to Seoul hopefully a couple of months after). Again, this may require a weekend stay in London but the experience and fun I will have will totally be worth it (even if my friend is insisting we wear matching Lolita outfits…) Hyper Japan is the UK’s biggest J-Culture event, happening every year in London; tickets are sold for certain events and you can experience everything from Lolita, J-Fashion, J-Pop, food, drink, Geisha, technology, entertainment, cosplay, competitions, shopping, cars, Japanese traditions and more!!! Omg really!!?? YES REALLY!!! Check out the photos below!!
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageInterested in Nintendo and computer games? It’s here! Interested in all things cute and kawaii? It’s here! Interested in dressing up in any way, shape or form you want? It’s here! Interested in Japanese food or drink? It’s here! Interested in traditional Japan? It’s here! There is so much here for you to learn and experience if you love anything Japanese!! There are also competitions you can take part in if you register beforehand, classes you can attend to learn from such as making sushi, and prizes to win! If you are interested in any of this, click the following link to learn more! At the moment the tickets are not on sale, but the dates have been confirmed for the event to take place on 25th-27th July!! You can sign up for their newsletter to receive the latest information and going-ons, and like them on Facebook for photos and announcements!! Click here ♥♥♥ –> http://www.hyperjapan.co.uk/

One more thing, just want to say I am SOOOO HAPPY that I got 200+ views on my beauty blog ‘Sugar Reviews’ the other day, and again shortly afterwards!! Thank you!!!

That is all I have planned so far, I can’t wait to purchase my Hyper Japan tickets and go with my best friend!! Going to make a habit of doing big days out with my friends; I felt last year my blogging was poor, and although I am so happy that you guys are following me and reading my posts, I really want to give you something interesting and exciting to read about!!!

Now I’m really excited, what have you got planned for this year???? ♥

Update: Just took the Christmas decorations down *sad face*.

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