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First photo post of 2014!!

So yeah, my life hasn’t been particularly exciting as of yet; I’ve been doing a lot of creative activity and planning but that’s about it! So here’s a picture post!!
ImageJust a photo of me goofing around; this must’ve been just after christmas, still rocking the Pikachu onesie!!
ImageMy sister sent me this photo, my little nephew Harry has started to eat solids!! She’s doing what our mum used to do and making everything from scratch; I believe she tried giving him mango puree the other day but ended up covered in it…
ImageA bit of advertisement for myself; I got 200+ views for the first time the other day on my make-up blog Sugar Reviews!!! I was so happy, and then I got 200+ views again!! I haven’t had that many since but the viewings have definitely improved from 100+ to being more like 150+ a day!! Woo!!
ImageMy Happy New Year photo that I posted on Instagram; wishing everyone good luck, wealth and happiness for the year 2014!!
ImageMy first selfie of 2014!! I had been so excited for the year 2014 because I am going to make it the best year yet!!!
ImageMy new MLP top featuring retro Princess Sparkle again that I bought for cheap squids at Primark back in November.
ImageBig Love for this awesome tea!! I love green tea and to make it a habit I gave up black tea, to my surprise since I said this to myself, I haven’t had a single cup!! That must’ve been like 2 weeks ago!!
ImageEver heard of Bubzbeauty?? She’s this amazing YouTube make-up guru that I have been following since I was 17, and I have learnt so much from her. Since then she has moved to Hong-Kong, got dogs, got engaged and got married; the biggest change was her ever-devoted hubby, Tim, going from boyfriend to husband and becoming more involved in her vlogs and videos. I watched one of their vlogs that was new that day and found out that Tim had his own Instagram!! So I did a screenshot of his profile and posted it on my Instagram; needless to say, he was already popular by then!!
ImageWatched The Illusionists on TV and found this guy, Jeff Hobson aka The Trickster, to be so hilarious! They are a famous group of magicians and illusionists that are currently on tour and came to the UK. I was crying with laughter, so took this shot to make me smile whenever.
ImageA selfie pic of me; realised my eyes looked mega big so called this one ‘Dolly Eyes’. I’m such a camwhore no?
ImageImageImageAttack of the selfies!! If you didn’t think I was a camwhore at the last comment, you’ll think I am now!
ImageFound out that my perfume (The Body Shop) is being discontinued!! I was so upset so I went to buy one, but the lady said because I was on my 4th stamp on my discount card, if I took my spending up to £10, I would get like an extra £5.58 free! So I bought 3 and some hair butter, including discount, and it came to £11.20! So hopefully this will keep me going for long enough until I find a new perfume, as this is my ‘signature’ perfume that I have used for years (as long as me and le bf have been together which is coming up 5 years). May see if there are anymore and buy myself another one when I get paid… these are big bottles too…
ImageI got a haircut! I got 4-5 inches cut off and now it is mid-boob length, I also got side bangs woo!! My forehead isn’t big but since I’m so used to having a fringe, whenever it grows out I get really self conscious lol. Feels so light and healthy now!!
ImageImageImageMore selfies! I don’t think these ones made Instagram… Yeah, I like pulling cute faces; puffy cheeks are one of my faves because I have chubby cheeks anyway!
ImageLast picture for today! Surprisingly the UK has been reasonably mild with mostly rain; one day though it was quite frosty but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress kawaii!! I had panda gloves, curtousy of my sister at Christmas, my oatmeal bobble hat, cream diamante and pearl bow scarf from my auntie, and a cute key pendant necklace I purchased on eBay for cheaps!! So kawaii!!

That’s everything so far! Not that exciting but I’m hoping my next couple of posts I will have more to talk about! This is what I tend to do when my life is flat lol.

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