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All things sweet and Japanese!! – Part 1 photo post

Heeeeeyyyy… God was that all I posted in January??? That’s because it was a BORING month; why is January always so damn dull???

Anywho, more excitement to blog about this time but mostly pictures (which is why I am doing it in 2 parts as there are soo many)!!
ImageAhhhhh, so in previous posts I have mentioned about wanting to go to South Korea; I have been saving and saving for the past year and finally have enough!! I bought a map online in English to help me find my way around but to also pin point areas I want to visit directly on the map in the meantime!! Unfortunately my friend already has 2 weeks booked off in August to go to Switzerland for a wedding, so was not allowed to take the 2-3 weeks we wanted off in September-October time to go; instead we are planning to go next Spring, which is another time of the year advised to travel there weather wise. So excited!!!

Although I am a massive fan of South Korea, I am also equally a fan of Japan!! My blog name is Japanese; ‘Kawaii’ translating to ‘cute’ and ‘Kanae’ is a Japanese name I fell in love with when I first watched the Japanese Anime ‘Elfen Lied’. So since my trip to Seoul has been delayed, I’ll fill the gap with some exciting Japanese activities!!
ImageAnyone know who this is??? That’s right!! It’s Japan’s most famous Harajuku Princess, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!!! A couple of weeks ago I started listening to her music and realised that I liked it!! It’s fun, cute and quirky, and she is so cute in all of her videos!! I did some basic research on her to find out more as I had heard of her before (and mentioned her once previously) but never really looked into her or her music; turns out, she is coming to the UK for a live concert!!! And after listening to all of her songs, I knew I just had to go!! So on 24th January, I booked my tickets the minute they went live at 09:00am, even came into work early so that I could do it on the computer; me and the bestie are off to see her in April!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! We are so excited, my friend has already decided on what she is going to wear; I have only got as far as finding a cute Lolita wig to wear for it!!
ImageI love it, it is so pretty and cute; IT CAME TODAY!!! Now I just need to get an actual outfit together but tbh I have come across A LOT of kawaii stuff in the last 2 weeks!!
ImageI found this super cute My Little Pony sweater (RETRO!!) online and bought it immediately; I always thought that the baby ponies were the cutest, now I have one with a little baby unicorn pony on it!!! I also bought a t-shirt with the same pony on it but it is still in the post, I’ll probably get it tomorrow!
ImageThese arrived the other day; I purchased 2 boxes of the Japanese Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ candy from Amazon! I thought it would be something silly and fun that me and my boyfriend could do one afternoon, and we did yesterday!!
ImageImageImageImageSo we opened them up, and as you can see you get these sachets of powder that you basically add to water that makes the candy!
ImageImageImageImageOkay, so we had never done this before and used YouTube videos as guides because the instructions are in Japanese okay!! The person in the video made more than we did somehow… The rice was fun to make and became this soft, springy kind of candy that held its shape but the best bit was the caviar!! You get this blue liquid then drop this orange liquid into it and it forms into these little solid beads that burst in your mouth when you eat them!! We followed the instructions and made our main course of sushi; unfortunately the tuna and egg didn’t set properly and were quite mushy. All of the candy was grape flavoured, but as you can imagine it didn’t taste anything like normal candy because you made it yourself; I guess this is what the sweets would’ve tasted like if I had got that Harry Potter: Snape’s Potion Class set I really wanted as a kid…
ImageImageImageImageImageThe ice cream set was VERY messy; the girl in the video managed to get the pink and white icing in the same piping bag perfectly side-by-side, we couldn’t even manage to keep it in the bag!! It took 2 of us to pipe it out; one to hold the top to prevent it from spilling out (which it did anyway) and the other to squeeze and guide it onto the wafer. In the end they didn’t look too bad when we put the sprinkles on, but again they didn’t taste good; le boyfriend ate the majority of it, I couldn’t as it was too sickly since it basically was just frosting (he knocked it over in the last pic whilst I was trying to take a photo >_>).
ImageImageTime to pretty them up and post them on Instagram!! Follow me on Kawaii_Kanae!! These were fun to make but because they weren’t good to eat, I probably won’t purchase them again; if you want to watch videos on the different sets being made, I suggest checking out RRcherrypie on YouTube!! Still, this was a fun experience to do and makes for good blogging/Instagramming!!

I am soooo excited to be seeing Kyary in April!! Me and my best friend will be travelling together to see her in London, and we have booked tickets for the standing stalls to be right up by the stage!! I’m not sure how many people will be there, but I expect I’ll be shocked by the massive turnout!! I know the famous YouTuber Kelsey Ellison aka ‘KimonoTime’ will be there, perhaps ‘VenusAngelic’ will make an appearance too???

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