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Birthdays, Christmas and Harajuku – Part 2 Photo Post

I have some exciting things to blog about but first I need to get picture post number 2 up!! My last post happened after these bunch of photos but were more fitted together so I posted them first! 🙂
ImageFirst of all a quick notey to say I reviewed the ‘Etude House Kissful Lip Tint’ on my other blog ‘Sugar Reviews’; if you are interested in Asian skincare and make-up, check it out!!
ImageI was seeing my bestie a couple of Sundays ago; I don’t get out often, so when I do I like to dress up. I decided to go a little Harajuku cross K-Style with my Harajuku Grumpy Cat print top and K-Fashion fuzzy jacket (love the cuffs on the jacket); teamed up with a diamond pendant necklace. I also decided to try out my deep wave tool and my hair came out really nice and wavey!!
ImageExcuse the dirty mirror, I accidentally sprayed hairspray on it whilst styling my hair… Shorts teamed with ‘knee length sock’ tights (actual socks make my legs look too fat) and nude faux leather look fake Doc Martins. Everything but the necklace was purchased via eBay!
ImageImageImageI camwhored a lot before she picked me up; we were only going out to eat at Nandos but who cares if I’m a little over dressed???
ImageClose up picture of my top; has so much going on but Grumpy Cat is the main feature, was cheap too!
ImageHere’s my best friend sat in my bed opening her birthday and christmas presents; I hadn’t seen her since my Halloween party back in November so everything was well over due!! That one she is holding is a massive bath set of Soap & Glory stuff, it was a brilliant bargain I got in Boots around Christmas time for £20.00!!! She was super happy because her new house has a bath which she has missed so badly, so everything would come in handy as she goes through it so fast. So jealous of her, she is so, so so much prettier than me in every way but love her and her blessed looks so much…
ImagePart of my christmas present that she got me; it’s Jiji!!! OMG. I was so happy because I have wanted a SG plush for a very long time and often looked at Jiji as my first one!! He’s sat on my shelf now amongst all my Anime/Manga/Korean/Japanese stuff!
ImageQuick snap of us! When we’re together we are often so busy gossiping and catching up that we don’t have time to take many photos together, so here’s a rare snap of us!! ♥
ImageIn my last post, I posted a picture of a sweater I got that had a retro baby unicorn My Little Pony on it; this time I got a t-shirt with the same pony on it, so cute!!!
ImageLast picture; I watched Disney’s Frozen the other day with le bf and I love it!! I never really had a favourite princess movie as I was far more interested in the animal ones (e.g. The Lion King, Brother Bear), but I have to say that I really, really liked this one and I think Elsa is my favourite princess/turned queen!!! She’s soo cool (literally) and I absolutely love her song ‘Let It Go’ to help inspire me!! If I do a make-up transformation, she is definitely on the list!!!

That’s it for the moment, hopefully will blog tomorrow about my day out in London yesterday!!

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