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London and China come together – Kawaii shops in China Town (Part 1)

YAAAAAAY. A little while ago I mentioned that I was going to London to see ‘The Room’; d’ya remember??? I was sooo excited because I was going to visit somewhere that I have wanted to go to since I first discovered it: China Town!!!
ImageWe came in via Paddington station; the last time I came, I was pretty scared of the tube and all the hussle and bussle that was going on, but this time I was so excited that my fear disappeared!! My boyfriend taught me how to use the tube, so when I go to see Kyary in April, I know what to do!! (And I got myself a map!!)
ImageThe weather was pretty grumpy but we came out at Leicester Square which is where the cinema is, AAAANNNND imagine my excitement when I discovered that China Town really is right on the edge!!! They still had it decorated for CNY with red lanterns and horse stickers in the shop windows!!
ImageWe turned a corner and BAM! This is the Prince Charles cinema!! Got excited that we were actually going to see Tommy Wiseau for real (seriously you will never have heard of him unless you are on the wagon of TR fans).
ImageIt was about 11am and the area was quiet so I was able to take photos without getting in the way of people (or rather them fretting about getting in the way of me); this is a cute restaurant called ‘Little Korea’, it made me super excited because now I know where to go when I want to try Korean food which will help prepare me for when I actually go to Seoul. Might take my bestie here when we go in April…
ImageWe were just wandering about when I came across this and I was like ‘Wtf? A giant M&M??’ And my boyfriend told us (had met my friend T at the tube) that there was a giant M&M store, so we went inside and OMG!! M&M’s EVERYWHERE.
ImageSoooo many different shaped things full of M&M’s, a lot of them were Valentine’s Day shaped boxes; I absolutely LOVE the pastel coloured ones, purples and pinks are my fave!
ImageImageThey had these giant M&M characters everywhere that were dressed up; people were taking photos next to them!
ImageImageThey had these tubes on every floor so you could mix your own; either put them in a pick’n’mix bag or choose one of their shaped containers to make your own personal gift!!
ImageImageLots of M&M decorations all over the shop; they had these M&M’s doing a Beatles tribute, made my friend laugh as she asked which one wore heels…
ImageImageThere were a couple of shops that I wanted to check out, and some of these were in Trocadero; this shop was just called ‘London Souvenirs’ but it was choc full of anime/manga, toys, plushies, stationery and many more kawaii things!!
ImageImageCute Totoro items and squishy mobile phone charms!! You’re not actually meant to take photos in the shop but the till girl was no where to be seen, so I took advantage of it until she came back! I bought some stuff in here (poor boyfriend and friend were hanging about outside) before walking just a few steps before…
Image…OMG. Tokyo Toys!! One of the shops I wanted to go to and this was even more choc-a-block full of anime/manga stuff mostly; it was tight and quite busy, you had to constantly squeeze past people (and I can hear my boyfriend and friend sigh as I step inside).
ImageThis shop had like half a wall crammed with bagged plushies!! Everything from My Little Pony, Pokemon, anime plushes to Alpacasso plushies!! I want!!
ImageBoob mouse mats for the nerdy guys who love anime and computer games!! Made me laugh, might get one for myself next time…
ImageSonic the Hedgehog figurines and anime cosplay outfits for sale; they had anime themed jewellery, anime wall banners, hats, t-shirts, anime dvds, manga books and more!!!
ImageImageChina Town getting busier and the weather got much brighter; they have these lovely arches and gates, still fully decorated for CNY. Had a look around all the lovely shops, there are so many restaurants and bakeries!!
ImageImageImageImageImageBeautiful/cute/delicious looking cakes!! There were so many and everytime we stepped into a bakery, we left with our mouths watering…
ImageUnfortunately didn’t think to take a photo of this fantastic shop that anyone who wants to try Asian/Japanese snacks MUST VISIT; fairly cheap too!!
ImageImageImage(Internet pictures but it still looks the same now) Look at all the food!! Soooo many snacks and all the flavours of Pocky you can think of; you can buy Japanese soda, different teas, mochi, pocky and so much more!! Needless to say, I came out with a bag full of stuff and will definitely be visiting here again next time!!!
ImageThis HAS to be one of my favourite shops; my friend pointed it out because of all the different hair-dye boxes in the window and that’s when I spotted the My Beauty Diary masks in the front!! In the picture I managed to capture MBD masks, Snail White cream and Kao Steam Eye Masks; this shop sells a lot of Korean/Japanese products including Candy Doll and Dolly Wink products, Laneige, Etude House and more!! OMG.
ImageNext shop we hunted for was the ChinaTown London Market which was a bit difficult to find but it had 2 entrances so I guess we were just on the wrong side; shame I didn’t take a photo of the entrance covered in kawaii Hello Kitty merchandise!! The shop sold lots of other things, including chinese trinkets such as lucky cats, buddahs and other charms; I bought my brother a buddah because he collects them and they apparently make him happy.
ImageImageImageThere were other trinket shops but the majority of China Town is restaurants, bakeries and food shops; I didn’t see any other kawaii shops there but next time I go I’ll have a look again as me and my friend won’t be running around hunting for shops other people want to go to. As we came out of China Town, looking for the Japan Centre, we came across this cool Rainforest cafe!! The upstairs was decorated like some giant zoo gift shop whilst the cafe was downstairs!! So cool, it was dark and wet like a real rainforest; I got myself a new Zen CD from the music box that allows you to listen to different CDs before you buy them (they don’t have them about much anymore, and the last one I got from one of those stands I love).

We eventually found the Japan Centre where I bought some Nori seaweed; at some point I will try and make Kimbap or Onigiri or something…

That’s it for now! Those of you searching for kawaii shops now know that China Town, London is the way to go!! Super easy to get to, just go to Leicester Square and it is right around the corner!! I will post Part 2 later on this week with details on the rest of my day (but for me this was by far the most exciting part hehe!!)

Bye ~ ♥

14 thoughts on “London and China come together – Kawaii shops in China Town (Part 1)

  1. Haii. I have a question, where can i get a squishy in london town ,windsor or anywhere in london. Do they sell squishy’s in london ?

    1. If you are talking about the squishy cute phone charms then head on over to China Town in London near Leicester Square or find Trocadero near Piccadilly Circus tube station where you can find a couple of cute shops selling squishies.

  2. hi!
    could you please name all the shops you went to? i’ll go to london in a few days and i’d like to check them out!

    1. Head on over to China Town in London near Leicester Square or find Trocadero near Piccadilly Circus tube station where you can find a couple of cute shops.

  3. Hi me and my friend are planning to go to china town and get alpacasso plushies we love them soo much can you please give me a couple of names of stores that sold them

    1. Hello, I’m sorry to say that I don’t think there are any shops that sell them in China Town. The China Market store MIGHT because I remember there being plushes in there but can’t say for sure. Love Jojo and Tofu Cute online sell official Alpacasso plushes though!


    1. I’m really glad that you found some you liked! I have been to the M&M store and it’s really fascinating! So many colours!

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