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My London haul and The Room experience – A day to remember (Part 2)

Omgeeee I should’ve updated this ages ago, where does the time escape to???

Where was I? Oh yes, let’s dive back into London…
ImageThere is a lot of street entertainment in Covent Garden; I nearly walked into my friend as he stopped to figure how this guy dressed as Yoda was levitating!! It was fairly windy too so his cloak was moving and it looked very convincing!! This guy must’ve been out when the streets were dead to set this up so no one would guess; lucky for us, a guy who knew his trick explained it to us (before he got ran over with a London rickshaw)! Basically this guy is stood on a ‘floating’ platform with a metal frame going up his back, past his arm in that massive sleeve, becoming what looks like a staff and ending in a metal platform underneath that green base (you can see the structure clearly). The cloak is long and baggy, so providing he is stood straight, the cloak will easily cover the structure whilst looking floaty and mysterious…

At this point we were racing to Wagamama’s for food; we were supposed to be meeting our other 3 friends there and were so lucky to be able to get a table for 7 without booking!! The place was PACKED, and yet we were still able to hold 3 seats for our friends. 2 of them eventually showed up and got their food before us =_=, me and T had to wait FOREVER for our ramen which was annoying because we were there from 17:30 and food for us didn’t arrive until 18:10!! We were supposed to be at the cinema for 18:30 to get seats!!
ImageThe guy kept asking me what I had ordered because mine was the last one; I kept saying Chicken Ramen and so he brought me a bowl of Wagamama Ramen that was on the house to say sorry for the delay (they probably cooked me the wrong one)!! Although this was awesome, it almost became an incredible waste (my friend, who had gone to the wrong Wagamama and was instead meeting us at the cinema, could’ve had this but I didn’t think as thought he would’ve already eaten =_=”), but we managed to give it to a nice group of people who hadn’t had their food yet and they gladly took it on; we unfortunately were too busy wolfing down our food to have any room or time to take on the free food.
ImageMy ramen eventually arrived and the soup was really nice, but the noodles and chicken themselves were sorta bland… I scoffed the noodles and as much of the chicken as I could before I had to take the soup in a takeaway pot which unfortunately I didn’t get round to drinking even though it was the best part…
ImageSo we got some good seats but the cinema was so weird because there was a dip in the middle which meant my viewing should’ve looked like this…
Image…actually looked like this; and it wasn’t just for me either!! My boyfriend too had difficulty seeing the screen so we had to lean to the side and watch through the gaps in between the seats.
ImageImageTommy Wiseau came out on stage and gathered those dressed up on one side, and those with his underwear on the other side; he then ‘blessed’ each of them and gave them a medal. A girl won a bag of his merchandise for ‘correctly’ spelling the word ‘Dogeee’ (how he spells it), and 10 people (4 of which were my friends including le bf) got to ask questions; my bf’s in particular got a good response from the audience. We then got to watch the film which felt more like we were in a pantomime as everyone shouted, clapped, boo’d, spoke along with the characters and threw plastic spoons at the screen. Tommy was outside signing bought merchandise and taking photos with people; me and the bf had to leave early to catch the last train which really sucked but we did get to see him up close!
ImageA photo of China Town at night; it was still really busy and so pretty!! I’m so glad I got to visit this place, it felt like you were in a different country and made me more excited about visiting Seoul; I also got to try kimchi, such a surprising dish but I think I liked what little bit I stole from my friend’s plate, so I’m ready for you Seoul!! Also, who knew almost all the shops were still open after 20:30???

Anyway, here’s my haul; pretty much everything came from China Town and I have been trying popular things to find out what I do and don’t like!
ImageImageI bought these adorable erasers in the first kawaii shop I entered; only £1.25 I think, so cute and I wanted to add them to my collection (sad story actually, my collection had previously been in direct sunlight as well as being near the heating and some of them actually melted into one another…)
ImageI bought this cute little bag, charm thing; okay I don’t know what it is, what it’s supposed to do or what it says but it was cute and pink, so I bought it to hang in my room!! Okay, so it probably says ‘good luck during pregnancy’ or something but oh well!!
ImageI love my little Domokun doll!! It’s only a little keyring and cost about £4.00 but I’ve wanted one for ages, he sits on my shelf now!!
ImageThe kind till girl put all of my lovely purchases into this adorable bag!!! I can’t get over how cute it is, I kept it ofc!!
ImageImageImageImageImageThink green!! Thanks to Oriental Delight, I was able to purchase a bunch of things that I had been eager to try!! First of all, I accidentally bought Onde Onde Mochi (Pandan) that was sprinkled with coconut because I assumed it was Green Tea flavoured; this was not the case when I walked into the next shop and this time purchased some green tea ones which I am yet to try. I did try the Pandan flavoured ones, but I didn’t like them because I found them too coconut-ty, I’m hoping the green tea ones are more to my taste; still it was an experience!!

Next was the Matcha Milk Tea; since all the instructions were in a different language, I had to research how to make this and settled with mixing the sachet with hot water to mix, and then adding milk to make a cold drink. This wasn’t as great as I had hoped but I think that might’ve been because it was brown rice milk tea… it was quite sugary too but I think once you get over the smell and sweetness, it can be a pleasant drink it just takes some time getting used to; I enjoyed the drink the second time round, but if I purchase matcha milk tea again I’ll look for one that isn’t brown rice… In fact, I might just purchase some matcha and make it from scratch.

Yay for Pocky!! I usually have the UK version of Pocky called Mikado, but have tried a couple of Pocky flavours; I bought this one thinking it was green tea but le bf thought it was mint because of the leaves on the box. I was right though, it was green tea!! These are nice and kind of moorish but again, you need to get over the sweetness to begin to like them.
ImageImageImageNext are these koala biscuits that are filled with a chocolate filling; I bought 2, one normal biscuit with a chocolate filling, and one chocolate biscuit with a white chocolate filling (I’m a sucker for milk and white chocolate mix). I haven’t tried the normal biscuit ones yet but I did try the chocolate biscuit ones…
ImageOmgee they are so cute!! Each one has a different design; the biscuit is quite crunchy and the filling… well you guessed it, is rather sweet. I’m starting to notice a pattern in Japan’s sweet treats; it seems whilst America believe our sweets are super sugary, to me these Japanese sweet treats are even more so, and artificial tasting too!! Like the chocolate doesn’t taste like chocolate, or maybe that’s because of how the chocolate we have here is made that I think that??
ImageNext up is the Nori; I haven’t eaten this yet and I just got plain Nori to start with because I didn’t really know what the difference between the others were; this was only £1.70 or something for 10 sheets and lasts a long time!!
ImageFinally, something that I like straight from the start with no getting used to!! This is the famous Japanese drink Ramune, and I got it in Strawberry flavour (which actually tasted more like apple…); this is also known as the ‘marble drink’ where you must use the loose cap and a hard hand to push out the marble which has sealed the drink shut!! I had to get my dad to help me do this as I couldn’t seem to push it hard enough; you end up with a glass bottle and a glass marble rolling around in the specially designed neck! If you want the marble out then you will have to smash the bottle, but I just rinsed it out and put it on my shelf because the packaging was cool.
ImageBought some posters from that first kawaii shop too; I got myself this kitty girl one even though I don’t know what Anime it is, I thought it looked cute! I also got myself a Totoro poster, and bought my friend one as well; only £1.00 each and made out of a thick textured paper that is easy to roll but hard to rip, so good quality!!!

So that is everything I bought that I can think of; I think I’m going to purchase the Snail White cream when I go next time because it is a highly raved about product in Asia but I can’t find anywhere to buy it from here, even on Yesstyle or Sasa. I am a bit more aware of what sweet treats I do and don’t favour, so I know what to stock up on the next time I go!! The Room experience was a great experience, and definitely worth the trip to hang out with our friends; overall I had a brilliant day, and I am definitely looking forward to going with my best friend and showing her all these great places too!!ImageHope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day ♥ and showed all those that love you, that you love them too!! I promise I’ll try to update more often; until next time, Bye, I love you! ~ ♥

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