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Super kawaii delivery!! I love parcels!! ♥

Just a quick post about what arrived in the post for me todaayyy!!! I love getting parcels, especially when a big parcel arrives which you thought would take at least another week to arrive because last week they told you it had only just been dispatched when you ordered and paid for it 2 weeks before… =_=”

ImageSuper kawaii rainbow patchwork skirt!!! OMG it is so cute and pastel-y!!! It fits nice aaaaaand, it is long enough for me to wear this mint green petticoat skirt I bought from Claire’s AAGGGGEEES ago but was unable to wear it with anything because the skirts were too long for it!!!
ImageYes, yes, I’m super happy when…
ImageImageImageT_T…Some brown dirt that has been pressed into the fabric, a pale but noticeable dirt mark by the band, and a bright red ink mark (on the palest colour too)!!! I was quite disappointed as this was supposed to have come from a seller that sold lots of Japanese Lolita fashion items; I believe the brand for this is SPANK and cost me about £14.99… it wasn’t just some super cheap £5.00 item from some random seller in China (the stitching isn’t amazing either but I guess since the fabric is organza, it’s going to be quite obvious)… So yes, quite annoyed at that and yes I emailed them about it and obviously have photo evidence of the marks; however, the skirt itself is pretty so I do want to keep it, I just need to be careful with the stitching and be careful when I wash it. Luckily it’s just a circle skirt, so I can turn it back-to-front and the label won’t show, it isn’t obvious that I’m wearing it the wrong way so at least the marks will be on the back.
ImageCheck out my super cool sweater that I ordered!! I love the different sleeves and the ‘POW!’, it looks totally unique; funny because Kelsey Ellison aka ‘KimonoTime’ recently posted a picture on her Instagram with the same jumper but the blue version!! I chose pink because it looked brighter!!!
ImageI was sooooooooooo happy that these came as well; that’s a pack of My Beauty Diary masks that were on offer and includes 12 masks, 6 pairs, which I have been eager to try to give my skin some super loving!! I also bought some Garnier Sakura White Sheet Masks to brighten my skin tone because my skin is rather dull, and looks even worse since my acne; and to help my dark circles brighten up, I bought some Bright Up Nano Eye Masks which are quite a hit too!! The sweater and all the masks cost me just over £30.00, which allowed me to have free P+P too!! Can’t wait to do reviews on these!!

In other news, this guy on Instagram has liked some of my photos; I don’t know who he is but he has a lot of followers!!
ImageGoing to end this blog with a picture I found on the net whilst trying to find the picture of a heart-eyed anime… We do it in real life, why shouldn’t anime girls do it too??


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