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Feeling quite poop today…

Ugh, I’m feeling pretty crap today; I’ve been generally exhausted all week and today it all sorta hit me… I’ve got a stuffy head, blocked/runny nose (it differs), itchy eyes, dodgy stomach and exhaustion. Why whenever I get sick does it all hit me at once?? Luckily it only tends to last one day as long as I’ve drank plenty and had a good sleep, which I hope to have tonight provided my nose isn’t blocked. =_=”
ImageIn other news my NEW CAMERA ARRIVED!!! I LOVE IT. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m a reader of other blogs and they inspire me to learn and grow as a person and a blogger; when I’m after something, I often look to them for inspiration. I was after a new camera, but I get pretty lost as I know nothing about the best specifications and such, so I decided to check my blogging gurus to see what cameras they used; I became pretty attached to the Lumix GF6 that Cheesie from Cheeserland blogged about, and the page was very useful for me and she wasn’t even advertising because she genuinely liked the product!! That’s always a good thing to hear, and she explained the basics of the camera and why she thinks it is awesome!! After much searching, I decided to buy one from John Lewis and it cost me £339.00 (originally was £359.00 but then it went out of stock and when they restocked it, it was cheaper!) and arrived on Monday. Look how beautiful it is…
ImageImageImageIt’s LUSH. Surprisingly big but surprisingly light!! It feels so nice to have a professional looking camera!! It’s in between having a DSLR and a compact, I think they call them SLRs?? Anyway here’s what’s good about it:

  1. Has good zoom.
  2. Has great photo quality.
  3. Has Wifi to connect to your phone for easy photo transfer.
  4. It’s a pretty colour (better than boring black).
  5. Has a touch screen.
  6. Has a tilt screen.
  7. Has a good and quick flash.
  8. Has photo filters.
  9. Has different settings for different photo situations.

That’s pretty much everything I know about it so far because I haven’t really had the chance to play with it or read the manual but once I do, I’m sure I will love it even more!!! Well worth the money, it is going to be used so much because I have a little secret project I am planning for but will also help the photos for my beauty blog!! I also have a photography light on the way which should be delivered sometime next week, so check me out being all professional!! For the past 4 and a half years I have been using the Samsung ST500 which was being used by Bubzbeauty in her early days (me again using my gurus for gadget advice) and at first I thought it was great because it was like, the first camera to have a front screen and a beauty function!! Over time though it has gotten slower, and the flash takes FOREVER so I can never get any surprise photos because everyone is already aware of the camera at least a minute before it takes… So glad I bought it, definitely worth the purchase; thank you Cheesie for blogging about this awesome camera!!

I also received my new iPhone 4S case which is soooo cute!!! I love it and makes a super cute accessory when I’m trying to look kawaii!!
ImageIt’s a super cute pink strawberry!!! They came in a variety of colours but ofc I chose pink!! I love it so much.

Speaking of kawaii, check out these super cool MLP leggings that some girl walking in front of me was wearing!! I didn’t want to be weird and ask her if I could take a picture of them so I stalkerish-ly snapped a picture of them without her knowing =_=.
ImageI remember that she was also wearing some cute hoodie that had dinosaur spikes and horns on it (I remember this purely because she bumped into her friend and showed her not because I was checking out her entire apparel).

Now, time to finish this blog post off with recent camwhore shots – sometimes I get too bored in work…
ImageImageImageImageI’m not a cat today, I’m feeing like a big pile of royal poo and think it is time for another nap already…

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