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I have a 4 day weekend; I’m so excited and I’m doing some kawaii shopping!!!

Omg, omg, omg; I have a 4 day weekend and I am so happy to not be in work!! I am the only person in my office (in my department) that works full-time and it really irritates me when others complain how exhausted or stressed out they are when they are only in for half of the week!! My colleague works full time and I give her credit that she is absolutely burnt out right now, but at least she gets outside whereas I’m stuck at my desk, 9-5 everyday!! So I am super happy to be able to lounge about in my pyjamas and do some online shopping (I’ve been good with not aimlessly spending the minute I get paid, trying to train myself).

Since this post seems like it is going to turn into a random ramble, let me show you what I bought; and yes, they’re KAWAII!!!
ImageSuper cute frilly pink skirt that I purchased on eBay for just £7.02 (P+P included); Spring is on its way and its time to start digging those skirts out!! When you’re wrapped up in a big coat, hat, scarf and wellies, no one is going to see you; that’s why I got into the habit of sticking with my pale blue skinnies with one of 2 jumpers and never anything else, because no one was ever going to see anything I was wearing! I was wearing more for practicality than anything else, but when the weather gets warm and the coats come off, it’s time to start thinking a bit more about what you’re going to wear! All those kawaii clothes I’ve posted about on here and IG, and I haven’t even worn them yet!!
ImageI bought this galaxy print puff skirt on eBay again for just £5.68 with free P+P!! You can often find this skirt on popular kawaii sites for much, much more and yet if you just look you can find things so cheap!! That’s the thing about purchasing clothes from China/Japan; you’ll find it on a Japanese site for £££ but you can easily find someone in China selling it for just £, and since most items on these kawaii sites (such as SpreePicky) aren’t branded, you can’t consider them fakes, and there are so many people out there selling these unbranded pieces!!
ImageThis is a screenshot of the same skirt being sold by SpreePicky and they are selling it for $15.99 (roughly £9.56); so save yourself a few bucks and check eBay first!!
ImageI bought this skirt for the same price from the same seller! It’s more like a dark stormy print but looks really sweet and pastel-y, almost pastel goth-like!!
ImageI bought this cute rainbow pink tutu skirt from eBay too (seriously where do you think us kawaii girls find all our unique stuff to wear???) and it cost me £3.99!! BARGAIN. I don’t mind that some of these items are going to take 2-3 weeks to get to me; they’re not for any special event so whenever they show up is always a nice surprise, plus I’m saving myself like £10.00 or so because that’s how much more it would cost buying it from the UK.
ImageLast but not least are these super cute mint sneakers!! OMG aren’t they soooo cool??? Shoes in pastel colours are quite hard to come by, especially in my tiny size 3!! I absolutely love mint, and they’ll look so cute teamed up with one of my new pink skirts!! These are from a UK seller as they are ex BooHoo stock but still cost me just £10.99 which I think for a pair of unique shoes isn’t bad at all!!

So for the final tally, my skirts altogether cost me just £22.37!! That’s 4 super cute and unique skirts for just that much??? You could go to NewLook and purchase a skirt that’s not very unique (or kawaii), one that you could buy a similar version of in say, H&M or River Island, and could probably be bought on eBay for cheaper, for that much!! With the added cost of the shoes, my total for today was £33.36!!

I have been an eBay buyer for years, and I now know how to look for things easily!! It’s also nice to have a full-time job because I can afford my kawaii lifestyle, I could afford it even if I didn’t purchase all these things as if I was on a budget!! I am also taking advantage of the fact that I still live with my daddy and so I don’t have any extra responsibilities to pay for (*ehem* except my kawaii lifestyle is becoming a bit of a responsibility…) ♥

2 thoughts on “I have a 4 day weekend; I’m so excited and I’m doing some kawaii shopping!!!

  1. That is some major kawaiiness going on! I could never pull off those skirts, but they look adorable, especially the pink frilly one. I’ve always been iffy about buying anything from ebay, but those prices are pretty sweet!

    1. Pretty much everything I buy comes from eBay from Hong Kong or Japan; I always find something I like then try to find it on eBay (for example that galaxy print skirt, there are many people who sell that skirt) with a seller who has high feedback rating, has made many sales but with a reasonable price. That way I know that 9/10 I will get the product I want with no problems!! 😀

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