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April starts to get exciting! ♥

First of all, thank you all for reading my Jennifer Lawrence post! I see it has been a frequently read post and I’m not sure if that’s because people find it interesting or because people saw it through my IG where I notified people that I had blogged…

I am going to a spa on Monday!! I’ve never been to one before and since my friend works there, she decided it would be a good thing for us girls to do together!! I’m so excited, and hope to take lots of photos of the scenic area to blog about!!
ImageImageThen next weekend, my best friend is coming over again!! I’m excited because we’re going to continue watching BOF; I decided I wanted her to watch it to excite her about going to Seoul, which we plan on doing this time next year!! She’s super excited now, and kept shouting at me to put the next episode on when one finished lol. I haven’t seen it since last summer, and I still get a stirring inside when I watch it now; here’s a photo:
ImageThen the next week after that we have Good Friday and the week after that, Bank Holiday Easter Monday!! Because I work in an office, we don’t work bank holidays which is so good because when I worked in a shop (a chocolate and gift shop none-the-less), I had to work the bank holidays and over the weekend because it was a busy period!! Not this time!! I’m not really an Easter person anymore because I’m not a child, and I’m focused on eating a healthy diet lol; I just enjoy the days off.
ImageThen the week after, I have 2 days off because I am going to stay with my best friend near London because we are going to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!! I also get to see her new house and relax after a day of Japanese filled fun!!
ImageThen, I GET PAID. LOL. So I can start planning fun all over again!! And the week after that, we have Early May Bank Holiday!! So for the next 5 weeks, I don’t have to work a full week!! YAY. I have some parcels on their way to me which I am SUPER excited about, including some kawaii clothing, Asian skincare and a photography light!! So exciting!! Let’s sign off with some random photos!!
ImageDid you do the No Make-Up Selfie?? It started out last September I think, but never really hit off; then someone started it up again earlier this month and EVERYONE did it. It went viral and all you had to do was take a picture of yourself with no make-up, donate by texting ‘beat’ to the number above to Cancer Research, post it for everyone to see and tag friends for them to do it within 24 hours!! Everyone on my facebook did it, and it was only a matter of time before I was tagged to do it too! So I did (and no I am not posting it here because it is hideous) and I donated £3 to Cancer research!! Everyone who took part raised over 1 million pounds in just 24 hours!! It wasn’t long before it was 2 million in just another day and a half!! They got to do 10 expensive tests which will really help boost research for Cancer; a lot of people didn’t see the point and thought it was just another way that people could post photos of themselves, but the reason was for us women to post photos of ourselves when many of us feel our most vulnerable which is when we have no make-up on, and post it for all those to see including those who we don’t want to see it! It might be a small part of bravery compared to what cancer patients have to go through, but that’s the point!! To make us realise that our vulnerability is nothing compared to those who are battling cancer each day, and how they must feel when they don’t look or feel beautiful themselves. There were loads of cancer patients who were posting their hairless heads and breastless bodies to join in; that is their biggest insecurity compared to those who are too afraid to wear no make-up, and they are so brave that they deserve to be recognised for such bravery!! I think it was a brilliant way to use social media to raise money for a good cause, because regardless of your opinion on how good or bad of an idea it was, raising 2 million pounds over two and a half days is amazing!!
ImageThis is the view from my office window; ugly isn’t it?? Except it was a really sunny day and then it decided to pour down for 30 seconds but gave us this gorgeous, bright double rainbow!! It was so massive, taking up the whole sky and so vivid too!! Really brightened up my day!!
ImageI follow Cheeserland on IG and she is currently in Japan! She went to a Little Twin Stars cafe in Tokyo and posted a photo of this super kawaii themed roll cake!! Omg everything from the cake design to the rainbow sauce is SO, SO CUTE. I SO BADLY WANT TO GO THERE. I told my bestie who is coming with me to Seoul that if she came to Japan with me as well, one day I would take her to this cafe, just like I am taking her to the Hello Kitty cafe in Hongdae, Seoul!!
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE, no?? Look how cute all the sweet treats are!! They appear to take great care over presentation to ensure that everything is serve with that extra spoonful of kawaii!! This is what I used to set in stone that my friend would come to Seoul with me lol.
ImageEveryone is currently raving about the Sakura season!! It has just bloomed and is currently falling to the ground (thanks Cheeserland for your daily updates on IG about Japan’s Sakura)!! This isn’t Cherry Blossom but it is pretty, pink and blooming!! I actually struggled to take this photo because it was full of bees and wasps doing their thing!! You can see them dotted about in the photo!! Still, I braved it for this one pretty photo!
ImageImageImageImageLast but not least, some recent camwhore shots of me! The last photo I’m wearing clear mascara because I ran out of black mascara and can’t be bothered to buy more. I’m not sure if it makes me look fresh faced or boring?? I’ve been wearing it recently, and I think it makes me look more awake – plus I don’t have to worry about my lashes looking clumped!!

Anyway, cheers for listening… This post has been so long!! Abrupt end here.

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