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Easter photo post – Are you sick yet??

Argh, Easter! I like Easter because the atmosphere gets all pleasant, and things start getting colourful but people I know just don’t get it in there head that I no longer do the chocolate part of it!! I like to use it as an opportunity to see my family and have a good dinner. I’m not religious as such, but I like and respect the message behind Easter Sunday; however, I feel that Easter has been turned into another holiday to exploit people’s giving nature. I have so much chocolate now, and I’m supposed to be on a diet!! Are you feeling sick of chocolate yet??

Anyway, here is another photo post since the only exciting thing that has happened to me is having a 4 day weekend. I have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, and hopefully my new project will come to light soon and all will be revealed!!
ImageI wore my super cute mint sneakers the other day with my floral jeans!! Spring is the perfect time to get your pastels and neons out! I also wore some super thick fluffy socks because the weather at the time wasn’t particularly warm.
ImageVisited my brother one evening and his fiance’s sister, who had just returned from Haven, to give her a birthday present; for some reason the cat, Sootie, was insistant on getting on my lap despite her favourite person sitting next to me with an open space. I’m not a massive fan of cats and because I was wearing my floral jeans, I really didn’t want her on my lap and get me all hairy!! She was so determined but eventually gave up.
ImageDecided to try an Ulzzang inspired make-up, a crappy attempt I might say, with brown eyeliner. I wore the same eyeliner to the spa and it stayed really well! I never wear eyeliner, so I think I need a lot more practice…
ImageFound this super cute mug on eBay!! It’s Hello Kitty and it is sooooo adorable!! I want it so bad but it is soooo expensive… It’s like £14.99, which to me is WAY to expensive for a mug but…maybe I might, just to treat myself…?
ImageSo last week sometime, I saw one of the people I am following mention that she had just lost 20 people she was following! I was a bit confused but there were a lot of comments saying they had lost followers/following too!! I was really concerned because I had managed to get myself to 151 followers and I really didn’t want to lose followers; I knew I was unlikely to lose anyone that I was following because I only follow other bloggers/youtubers etc. So one day I come on and just like that, BAM, I’ve lost 44 followers and I was like O_o… How can this be?? I was so happy to have so many followers and worked so hard to make sure I posted interesting things that people of similar interests would follow me for!! It made me pleased that I woud, near enough, gain a follower per picture. For 3 days I had no idea what had happened, and I had posted this photo on IG stating how many I had lost and if others had experienced the same; some people were saying they had lost 100s!! I was really frustrated and I knew it would happen, and despite my frustration I didn’t simmer over it because I knew there was nothing I could do; after 3 days they posted a message on our personal news feed saying that they had deleted all the accounts that were unused or deactivated, and although this made sense I was upset that there was no way I would be getting those followers back. It sucks 😦 please follow me and build my followers back up, lol joke!
ImageAnother camwhore shot; I’m still using clear mascara because I haven’t been bothered to get anymore for the moment. I think I can get away with it since my eyelashes are fairly long anyway.
ImageMade my phone even more kawaii by downloading a HD Little Twin Stars wallpaper from the internet and making it the background to my phone! Now it looks super kawaii!! I love Sanrio’s Twin Stars because the colours are so cute and pastel-ly!!
ImageI recently downloaded and started playing LINE PLAY; I love the cute colours and themes in this game!! Basically you create an avatar, make friends, visit other avatar’s rooms, design your own room and just have fun!! You get a little diary and missions each day to earn more gems that you use to purchase things for your room or avatar!! My profile is all pink and my character sports a super cute ‘Strawberry Milk Pink Suit’ and ‘Luxury Charm Pink Hair’ which is super girly!! My profile name is Kawaii_Kanae (ofc) and my invitation code is EC-6620-8303!! If you add my invitation code, we’ll both get 1000 gems!!
ImageAfter a conversation at dinner, we reminisced about having ice cream floats! My dad would make us ice cream floats to enjoy in the summer!! It’s so creamy with a hint of fizz; it’s so yummy and it really brings back memories!! James and Cony from LINE helped me to decorate, it seems they love it too!!
ImageLast but not least a disgusting photo of my foot; I was moving some stuff in the shed on Friday so that I could fit my keyboard in there and managed to drop 3 fold up chairs on my foot!! It hurt so badly, you know when instead of screaming you just go ‘HMMMPHHH..’; yeah it was that kind of pain!! OMG. This bruise came up within an hour, and it is still sore!! My bf is worried I might have got a hairline fracture or something… I’ve never broken anything so I refuse to believe it!! But yeah… if it still hurts after like a week then it might be a good idea to get it checked out… ouchie…

Ah, nothing has really happened!! As I mentioned, I’m working on a project but I’m not sure when I’ll be revealing it!! A lot more work to do, and I don’t even know if it will be successful haha. Anyway, let’s finish this post with a photo of the anime I watched this morning, which btw is my favourite anime to date!! MUST WATCH.

4 thoughts on “Easter photo post – Are you sick yet??

    1. I just typed in HD Little Twin Stars Wallpaper and looked for one with no pixelation so that it would be crisp! It should come up then I set it as my iPhone background – just on Google images! 🙂

      1. Wow thanks for your reply! 🙂 I typed in the same keywords but can’t find this wallpaper at all.

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