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Back in London again – Tube strikes, bus rides and China Town! (Part 1)

Hiii blog~

I have had an interesting week! Well, as far as Tuesday goes anyway. I went to my first ever concert!! AHHHH! It was so much fun, I was so excited I felt like I was gunna explode!! I’m still excited even now and it’s over, super suckage because afterwards I felt like pining for the whole experience to happen again!

My best friend collected me on Monday and I stayed with her; we went to Burger King which I seriously thought was going to be better than McDonalds since I hadn’t been there for like, 12 years [Note to self – Stop believing what you see on the website because it never looks like that!!]; I thought since they specialised in burgers that they would actually be decent! What a flop! Okay rant over.

Woke up early the next day and immediately started getting ready, my pigtails went in first thing and then I battled with the make-up; does anyone else find that when you really need your make-up to look good or go well that it just doesn’t?? T_T I decided to skip falsies as my experience the previous night didn’t go so well, I wasn’t used to them and I knew they’d just piss me off so I left it; I think it was fine since my eyelashes are really long anyway.

When I had finished, we went to go to the Underground and it was closed!? WTF. I had prepped myself for this, had a map and everything; I was ready to use my new found skills from when I came to London in February to take my friend on the tube, and it was closed!? The sign said there was a strike, I couldn’t believe it; everyone knew I was going to London and no one thought to tell me, not even my boyfriend who knows everything that is going on!! So I panicked because it was the first time I was in London alone without my confident, navigating boyfriend and asked a member of staff for help. He told me to catch the 23 bus which was going to Piccadilly Circus, which was fine since we wanted to go to China Town and that is just around the corner; the only problem was that the bus and roads were PACKED. Because of the tube strike, more people were cramming onto the buses than normal, and there was much more traffic. I was squashed, thrown and pushed before we made our way upstairs; what a nightmare, I at least managed to get a seat for the end of the journey and see a bit of Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus before getting off.

After some wandering and terrible use of iPhone Maps, we found Trocadero and I could take the bestie into the two Anime and Japanese toy shops that I went to last time; she was super excited, and I actually managed to have a proper look around because I didn’t have 2 uninterested peoples there like last time. I didn’t purchase anything, but she got herself a Rilakkuma mermaid plush that she desperately wanted.
ImageImageWe went ahead to Tokyo Toys were I purchased a little pack of Hatsune Miku playing cards; I was a bit disappointed because although they had moved to a bigger shop, there was hardly anything in there… I couldn’t find much that I wanted (LIES. I WANTED ALL OF THE PLUSHIES)
ImageThese aren’t them, I just forgot to take a photo of my cards and it’s too late to trek upstairs, take the photo and upload it…Finally found my way into China Town! We really didn’t spend any time at all in there! We went to Oriental Delight which is where I got all of my cute snacks last time, and purchased some more that I had wanted to try! I showed her the super cute patisseries and went into a little supermarket that I missed last time and I was hit by a foul smell at the door. What the hell is that? It REEKS. The only thing I could think of it being is a Durian; maybe they were selling it in pieces or something? I saw someone selling whole Durian but that doesn’t smell, this smelled like petrol, bad food and just rotten-ness; for those of you who don’t know what a Durian is, it’s a large melon-sized fruit with a spiked husk that upon opening has a very strong odour. Some think the odour is pleasant and others (like me who is new to it) think it smells foul; it’s apparently very creamy and sweet when eaten, you just have to get over the odour if you dislike it, and it is popular in South-East Asia and places like Singapore and Malaysia.
ImageApparently the smell is so foul to many, that it has been banned from being brought into hotels and on public transport; there are many signs around informing you that durian is banned!!
ImageWe had a quick look around a London Souvenir store and found Mr.Bean!! Ahhhh! She wanted a photo of course, I used to watch Mr.Bean as a child all the time!
ImageImageI noticed that Mr.Bean was ‘holding’ onto something very dear to him, TEDDY!! There was a big section of different sized Teddy’s!! Pixie (that’s her nickname) bought one for her fiancé, he’s so cute!
ImageImageAnd upstairs they had a big TY section, complete with a piano which Pixie played horribly. I’m extremely disappointed with the TY beanies that they have these days; when I was little, they used to look like realistic little animals and the really cool ones had sparkly material but were the same price. Now they just look like some stupid cartoon multi-coloured crap that was introduced by the stupid multi-coloured tailed lemurs that weren’t originally TY!!
ImageImageStill, they had a big dinosaur plush section that wasn’t TY, and they looked so cool I wanted to take them all home!! I love dinosaurs and the Triceratops is my fave!
ImageThen we camwhored in the giant full-length mirror so that we had some photos of our outfit! We both took a casual approach to the Harajuku look; I’ve never dressed in this way before so after some recent research, I realised my ‘Harajuku’ look is incredibly subdued!!
ImageImageFound this weird looking statue man which I’m pretty certain is supposed to be the guy from that game Skyrim? Never played it, I just know the name is weird; anyway, Pixie wanted a photo with him because she said it was her ‘ideal man’ lol. But then she said she couldn’t take him seriously with the monkey on his shoulder XD.
ImageWe quickly visited the Japan Centre where I really wanted to buy some Green Tea KitKats and they are SO EXPENSIVE!! £14.95 for 12 bars!! I wasn’t going to pay for that, maybe next time when I have nothing left that I want to purchase. We then started looking for some where to eat and came across the ‘Believe it or not’ museum; they had a giant transformer Optimus Prime!! Of course, we had to take photos and the lady was kind enough to take a photo of us both together.
ImageImageHonestly, I am NOT naked! I am wearing black high waist hot pant shorts (enough to cover my dignity don’t worry), the top is just quite long. There were also some weird mutated cows and at that point, a giant blown up fat man came into the shop and we had to leave because Pixie got scared lol.
ImageImageI’m pretty sure these are real stuffed cows too…Then we found a posh sports bar which was deserted and time was getting on, so we ordered ourselves posh burgers!! Lauren had a chicken fillet and I had beef, yum! (£10.95 for a posh burger and chips in a tin not bad).
ImageWhilst waiting for our order, I was flipping through Instagram and came across a photo that had been posted by Kelsey Ellison, aka. KimonoTime, who I knew would be attending the concert.
ImageI was like, ‘Omg her costume is so cool! Can’t believe she handmade it, looks just like that… WHAT!?’ Pixie nearly fell off her chair at my sudden shout lol; I thought I had read wrong but Kelsey was ALREADY IN LINE. So I started to panic, I wanted to get there on time so that we weren’t far behind in the queue and could get a good place! Plus with the damn tube being on strike, it was going to be even trickier and more time-consuming to get to the place!

I enjoyed my food, touched up my make-up and headed to the Piccadilly tube station because I wasn’t aware that they were all closed because bf said some should be open, but it was closed too!! I also phoned a girl called Momo who we met in China Town to see if she wanted to come with us; she spotted our outfits and asked if we were going to see Kyary and said that they had come all the way from Scotland and didn’t know the way!! We took her number and said we’d give her a call when we were heading there so that they could come with us but she told us that they were already on the way because they had to check into a hotel; I felt a bit of an idiot for phoning but then realised, ofc I wouldn’t know that they had gone ahead because she didn’t have either of our numbers to let us know. =_=’’

I phoned le bf who immediately got on the internet and started searching for the bus we needed whilst we checked the bus maps; had another battle with the damn iPhone Maps and finally managed to get onto our bus after many 159 buses came through (why all at once buses?) but it felt really pointless because the traffic slowed us down so much, and we were even more cramped than before I was basically hugging Pixie because I had no where else to go, was so tempted to just jump off an walk…

Abruptly ending Part 1 here because it’s now midnight and I am sooo tired; will upload Part 2 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert tomorrow!! The day slipped by really fast, at least 2 hours of it in London was spent travelling thanks to that stupid strike!! But the concert totally made up for everything that went wrong in the day!!

Off topic – go listen to Kelsey Ellison’s new single ‘Pom Pom’, it’s so catchy!

Until tomorrow ~♥

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