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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, welcome to London!! (Part 2)

I’m back with part 2 of my London trip!! And since this is a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu related post, I think you guys should see this super kawaii video, it’s so cute!!!

DON’T YOU JUST WANT TO TAKE ALL OF THE PIGGIES HOME!? THE LITTLE BROWN ONE IS SOOOO CUTE!! And I totally teared up when she gets upset saying goodbye at the end, I wonder what happened to those little piggies and if she ever saw them again?

Anyway, on with the day! We finally got to where we needed to be and the line wasn’t very long at all; it was now 5pm, so had another 2 hours to wait and my feet were killing because the shoes were brand new. There were so many people dressed up! Everyone put a lot of effort into what they were wearing, whether they were fully dressed up Lolita/Kyary style or casual like me; it felt so nice to be in a space where so many people shared the same interest. Despite loving the Japanese fashion, this was my first time dressing up in anything that resembled it (mostly because I never get to go out to ever dress up because I am always working, and I haven’t been to any events with a need to dress up this way – this was my first)!! I had so much fun, and will be wearing more of a Harajuku style casually; I only wish that I was a high school student again and could get away with having a ‘style’, I always feel it’s a bit weird for an adult of 22 to be doing it, but I suppose I am not that old and I know bloggers who are 30 and still dressing this way! And if I was a high school student, I guess I wouldn’t have the money I do now to afford my kawaii lifestyle!

My friend pointed out a girl who was just arriving; she was dressed in the outfit that Kyary wore for her Furisodeshon video and I instantly new it was Coskittz! She was moving up and down the line, meeting people and taking photos, and she looked soo cute!
ImageI starting speaking to her when I found her awesome cosplay of Kyary’s Tsukema Tsukeru on Instagram and I commented, she replied and said we would take a photo together so I was very happy when I managed to stop her and get a photo!!
ImageIsn’t she ADORABLE!? You can check her and her cosplays out on her Instagram ‘CosKittz’!! Her outfit was really well done, and I remember mentioning her outfit and how excited I was to see it in one of her photos, and she replied with something like ‘oh saying that, I best get started…’ I was like O_o ‘It’s next Tuesday!!’ and I commented on Thursday or something lol. She completed it in 2 days I think, how amazing!!

Also just want to take a moment to mention this little cutie who loves cosplaying and she is 6 years old! Her name is Scarlette, she is going to be a fantastic cosplayer when she is older having started so early!!
ImageShe had the best day out of all of us because she actually got to meet Kyary in person!! According to her uncle, one of Kyary’s staff members approached them at the end of the show and said that Kyary wanted to meet her, how lucky but she totally deserved it because she’s sooo cute!! Go follow her Instagram ‘Scarlette6’!
ImageI also had a highlight of my day besides the show, and it made me really happy! All day my friend had been getting smiles, hello’s, conversations with shop staff, compliments and questions about her lipstick and shoes; ofc she is very pretty and gets this often, so I should be used to it but honestly there is a small part of me that goes 😦 … So when someone approached us and said how cute ‘you’ are, I rolled my eyes and thought ‘here we go, another one for Pixie *laugh*’ but, she was looking at me! She kept saying how cute and adorable I was, and even commented that I have similarities to Kyary! I was so touched and for the first time in forever, I actually felt shy! She even said that out of all the people that was there dressed up, she wanted to take a photo with me and was delighted when I said yes! I felt like I had a little fan, you can imagine I was like this inside 😀 😀 😀 :D. I asked her to take a photo with me so I could post it on my blog, so here it is! My first time being asked for a photo with someone, a genuine happy memory for me!
ImageFinally 7pm rolled round, I have no idea how Kelsey and the others managed to be there from 1:30pm… As the website said, there was to be a bag search but it never said that we weren’t allowed drinks I swear!! The website said that our rucksacks and bags were to be put in the cloakroom, and that we weren’t allowed professional cameras with detachable lenses but nothing about us not being allowed drinks!! So I had to throw away my Melon Milk, Ramune Soda and my Dragonball Z cola can that I got for my bf!! All brand new and unopened as they were supposed to come home with me!! Pixie also had to throw out her marble drink which she had never tried before; he even looked at my food and said I couldn’t take it in but I told him I was going to keep it because it was brand new to be taken home. He let me through and I was really pissed off about it, but I understood why we weren’t allowed drinks since there were 3 massive bars! They still should’ve said on the website that we weren’t allowed drinks, but I didn’t see it anywhere!!

Anyway, determined to get the full experience we went and had our photo with the Pamyurin Pink Bunny, one of Kyary’s mascots, and got a Polaroid photo; we also got merchandise before it all sold out.
ImageBefore we had even entered, there was well over 100 something people crowded by the stage, so I knew there was no way I was going to be on the ground as I’m too short and wouldn’t be able to see.
ImageOne last camwhore photo of me and Pixie whilst we waited; Kyary wasn’t due on stage until 8pm but she actually didn’t come on until something like 8:20pm. Everyone was totally revved up to see her though, screams would run through the crowd randomly when they thought she was coming on.
ImageWe managed to find a space by the stairs on the ‘upper deck’ near the bar, so at least I was able to see the whole stage, Kyary and her dancers for the whole show; the only problem was that my iPhone really struggled to pick up anything because the lights were so bright they whited her out. I also forgot to put the memory card in my little Samsung digital camera, so couldn’t even use that to get any photos or videos for long at all T_T. Another problem was this girl who was at the front of where I was standing kept leaning in, waving and messing with her uber long hair so she kept blocking my view!! D: Since I couldn’t get any photos or videos, here are some that I am sharing from Youtube!! All rights to their rightful owners (the first one is actually the opening video for Chicago’s show because the best London video that I found has bad sound quality).

Thank you to all these wonderful people who managed to get such good videos! The last one is a video of her speaking to us in English bless her; she had her little speech written down and she is currently learning English right now, so maybe next time she won’t need it written down!!

Here are some photos that I stole from the Official Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Facebook since I couldn’t get any myself.
ImageImageImageImageThis was the ‘selfie’ photo that Kyary took with everyone who went to the London show! You can’t see me because I’m right at the back in the dark but we posed anyway!!
ImageImageImageSo that’s pretty much it! I felt really sad when it was over, and it finished early considering it said it would finish at 11pm; luckily Pixie’s fiancé decided to come early as he knew the traffic would probably be bad since the tubes weren’t running, so we only had to sit in the pub next door for 5 minutes before he met us! I fell asleep on the way back in the car but when I got back, I immediately got my merchandise out for photos!
ImageI got myself a KPP t-shirt, towel and PINK PAMYU POO!! I LOVE MY PAMYU POO!! It’s the cutest squishy charm ever! It sits on my shelf with all of my Anime/Manga/Japanese/Korean stuff; everyone was shocked that it cost £10.00 but since you can’t buy her merchandise except for at her concerts, I really didn’t mind!
ImageImageImageLast but not least, a selfie with my beloved poo (lol); sorry that it looks like I have yellow pox or something, the lighting was terrible and we all know iPhone front cameras are bad anyway!! I had also just woke up lol -_- zzz…

If you have been to a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert then I hope you had as much fun as I did!! If you haven’t, I urge you to go because it is so much fun!! I hope she comes to London again soon and I’m sure she will; if you do go next time, I surely hope to meet you!! Thank you Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for a wonderful first concert experience!! ♥♥♥

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