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Hiiiii blog…

Not having an amazing day today tbh, feeling really poo and nothing that exciting has happened to talk about because I have to get used to the idea of not having anymore 4 day weeks for ages (okay, okay 2 weeks to be exact since we get an end of May bank holiday) but still I am gunna die lah…

So I just have some photos of my recent buys; I went to nearby city to shop whilst le bf was manning a stall for the EU (European Union) because UKIP (UK Independence) have been causing a stir. No lie, I went to Primark for like 2 and a half hours because it is so damn huge and spent £60.50 in total (not bad) on many kawaii buys!!
ImageI know the peach ones look mega crumpled but this was because they had been washed; you see my friend somehow managed to spill a near-full glass of coke all over me and it (ofc) managed to get all over my brand new shopping (which btw I had spent much time and effort carefully inspecting to ensure it didn’t have any dirt marks on it already which Primark is famous for), the shorts were covered the most but it came out luckily. My shoes, not so lucky…
ImageFound this adorable retro MLP baseball style jacket on the sale rack labelled ‘was £5 now £3’ and I was like ‘MUST HAVE O_o’. The cashier put it through as £14.00 (original price) but after hassling the supervisor they put it down to £3! Bargain!!
ImageAnother MLP steal! I always wanted a mint top and now I have one with an adorable pony on it! I absolutely love the t-shirt section in Primark because they have so many; disney, marvel/comic, barbie, MLP!! Ignore the sleeves, they’re all ruffled because this top had to be washed too T_T.
ImageFinally got some dungarees!! These are made of a chiffon type material with a beautiful floral print that matches my bed covers!! They have adjustable straps and an elastic waist, and aren’t heavy for super hot weather! Don’t mind my fluffy slippers (also from Primark)!
ImageSuper cute cupcake vest, picked this because it was super bright and colourful; similar style to my unicorn top but I got it in a size 8 because the size 6 unicorn top is a little tight across the chest.
ImageI absolutely LOVE this baseball style sweater!! The design just jumped out at me, I don’t know why; it’s a little tighter than I thought it would be but I still think it is cool! I love the pink collar, gives it a more girly touch!!
ImageAnother lush jumper!! I love that it says ‘Tokyo’ and is a pastel mint and pink, my favourite colour combo!! Super kawaii and girly, perfect for keeping me warm though; I haven’t tried this on yet.
ImageFirst of all, I apologise for the filthy mirror!! I tried to wipe it down but for some reason it just got smeary and I was running out of time to get ready! This is what I wore, Korean style fashion is my fave! Wide sports sweater says ‘Metal 97’ that I purchased on eBay (got it for like £2.95 or something, originally £4.95, but got money off because of the two pen-like lines near the collar), soft denim skater skirt, star tattoo tights and white wedge sneakers. BIG MISTAKE WEARING THOSE SHOES. They not only have a high heel but they were brand new; my feet absolutely DIED by the end of the day, and my poor little toe was super sore and blistered…They too got covered in coke and their cleaning has proven more difficult, because although the coke came out, some other marks showed up and it has discoloured in places!! It’s okay coz apparently I can get this white shoe stuff to even it out, so will be getting some of that soon…Also, people kept staring at my sunglasses because they were cool and smiling, then they’d stare at my legs and scowl thinking the tattoos were real…
ImageNow onto random photos! Here’s a cruddy photo of me and my fringe; it’s cruddy because I was tired and my ‘lazy eye’ (only slightly more lazy than my other eye) was quite obvious…So although I look good, my eye keeps jumping out at me and I’m like ‘damn eye get no likes, no bother posting on IG’.
ImageHere is my most recent iPhone case; I get them all cheap from eBay, this one cost me like £2.45 or something and it’s super cute!! I thought it was a unicorn but it is actually a pegasus…Still, I love pastel lilac and not a bad quality print either!!
ImageJust a random photo of something my brother made me; he asked me out of the blue one day what my favourite pokemon was, to which I easily replied Pikachu. I know Pikachu seems an obvious and lame choice, but I do really like Pikachu the most!! I have other favourites, but Pikachu is the first one I think of. How cool is this pixel Pikachu??
ImageWent to my favourite Asian restaurant, Tampopo, after shopping with le bf and 2 of his good uni friends (they still go to uni in the city) who I invited without his knowing to try and surprise him nicely because he had been down lately. It backfired at first but I think he warmed up to it…I ordered Vietnamese Pho!! It has a soy based broth, chilli and lime, flat noodles, grilled rump steak and beansprouts!! I enjoyed it quite a lot, even the beansprouts, the steak was soooo yummy but the noodles were mega hard to pick up!! I can use chopsticks on a basic level, but I often ask for a fork because it is easier and it was super slippery even with that!! Still, the broth was really good and I’m glad I tried it, was looking forward to trying it for a long time!!

As I said, not a lot has happened; I’m too busy trying not to fall asleep at work from boredom. However, if you are bored or having a down day then I suggest you watch Bubzbeauty’s newest video, ‘Bean Boozled’; it is freggin hilarious and I laughed so much!! I thought the sound effects really helped make the video lol, go watch here!!

‘Oh don’t act like you’ve never eaten your own boogers before!’ XD

Abrupt end to blog here. =_=

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