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Can we just talk about this year’s Eurovision?? (16+)

Okay so last night I watched the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, start to finish; for those who don’t know what this is, it is a yearly song competition between European countries with 26 countries making it through to the semi-finals. 26 countries put forward their singing act to win, everyone votes for their favourite (ofc they can’t vote for their own country) and then a representative from each country announces who got how many points (they focus on points 8, 10 and 12). I was pretty excited with this being my first time, mainly because every year I miss it but people always tell me that our act sucked, and so I think how can I enjoy watching the show and support my country’s act when we always put forward terrible songs? It’s not that the song itself sucks, it’s that the whole act itself sucks; okay, you still don’t get me? Here are a couple of the UK’s songs that we put forward and you tell me they don’t suck balls…

Get me now? WTF UK SERIOUSLY, WHY SO SHIT? But this year, we weren’t so terrible with Molly Smitten-Downes being our act singing ‘Children of the Universe’ and ended the competition with 40 points in 17th place.

The song had a nice message but unfortunately was really boring! Overall the songs weren’t that terrible, except maybe Poland and France…

France ended the competition with 2 points in last place =_=” but even though they were singing about moustaches, you at least thought they were trying to be fun about it rather than serious; Poland however, decided to use women’s breasts for votes, somehow managing to come in 14th place with 62 points.
ImageSERIOUSLY!? FOR REAL!? Yes sadly. Most of them I turned away for, bored in less than 30 seconds but then…Austria came on, and I saw this person:
ImageHoly crap it’s an incredibly beautiful/hot/sexy woman with a beard O_O. Okay, this lovely lady goes by the name Conchita Wurst, who is the drag persona of Thomas Neuwirth, and OMG I WAS BLOWN AWAY. I didn’t even give a crap about our entry simply because I knew this one was a winner!! So, when I did finally see ours I was like ‘yup COME ON AUSTRIA!!’ I rooted for them all the way through, and it was incredibly close with The Netherlands and Sweden constantly swapping, and sometimes taking first place away from Austria, but by the time it got closer to the end, it was announced that Austria were so far ahead that they had already won with 290 points!! The Netherlands came second with 238 points, and Sweden in third place with 218 points. I was so happy for her! Yes at first it is a little hard to get over the fact that she has a beard, but it is strangely suiting to her; throughout the song I was like ‘omg so damn beautiful’ then I’d see the man behind her and go ‘omg so damn hot’. She has really nice eyes, and her voice is A-MA-ZING!! I was also really proud that my country gave her our top 12 points!!

Her song ‘Rise like a Phoenix’ (I believe) is about her stepping up as a new person (‘rising from the ashes’) despite all of those against her; I thought it was a fantastic message, and the fact that so many other countries supported her and gave her their vote meant that the world is beginning to be much more accepting of people who are considered different by many. Her last quote of the show was “This is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. We are unity and we are unstoppable”. I could go on and on about how amazing she is, and how much of an inspiration she is to so many people out there but instead I will let you watch the video and figure it out yourself. ♥

ImageCongratulations Conchita Wurst of Austria, you are an amazing inspiration to everyone in the world and you totally deserved to win! ♥

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