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Hyper Japan! Are you going? See you there!

Just a quick post of excitement; been really crappy lately so needed something to cheer me up. Me and my friend have been talking about this for a long time; I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in my blog posts before, I’ve only just got round to booking it!
ImageI’m going to Hyper Japan and I ordered the tickets the other day!! I’ve got a 3 day pass because I really want to experience the event!! We chose to do the sake experience since my friend has eaten sushi many times (I haven’t eaten sushi but I would prefer to try out the alcohol because I’m not a fan of fish, let alone raw fish), and we got the priority entry on Sunday since we will have to leave earlier in order for me to get home.

Since we’re going for the 3 days, I figured we should dress up differently each day to fit in with theme! We have to be careful about what we’re going to wear because it will be the end of July, so the likelihood is that it will be hot and humid, and I’m not sure how cool the convention will be inside. So I thought we would dress up Lolita style, probably on the first day because we have no priority events that day and can spend as long as we like looking around and taking photos. I thought that I would like to dress ‘Sweet Lolita’ because I love all the fairy, pastel colours; I found this dress and it is super cute!!
ImageThe photo is not clear but it has this sweet/candy style going on; it’s strapless which I like (won’t be too hot that way) and is covered in pretty pastel bows. It comes with a petticoat to give it that poof, but the best part is the back!
ImageIt’s a corset dress, which means I know it will fit me!! I have a tiny waist so zip up dresses are difficult to fit because they have little or no adjustment, but because this is corset it means that I shouldn’t have to worry about getting it custom made (unlike Pixie who may well need her dress custom made because she has large boobs lol). I LOVE the large bow at the back, I have always loved those big bows on anime costumes and this dress has such a pretty one!

Pixie suggested that we dress up as Japanese school students on one of the days; it doesn’t really matter which day we wear that costume because it is relatively easy and I would prefer to be comfortable when in the car/train home. I thought that this costume was the cutest out of all the school cosplays I found, and I didn’t want to wear a blazer because, again, it might be too hot.
ImageImageFor the third costume, I thought we could just go whatever style we fancied; whether it be Harajuku or Fairy-Kei (which I was considering). I have many pastel clothes now so Fairy-Kei will be easy!!
ImageImageImageImageWell that’s everything for this post; I’ve started saving for spending money and need to look into hotels that are around the corner so we don’t have far to travel! I am excited because I have never been to anything like this! I am hoping to come back with heaps of stuff because there will be so many stalls! I am going to take lots of photos, and I may even vlog it! If you’re going and you spot me, don’t hesitate to say hi! ♥

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